The Helpful and Harmful Beauty Trends Of TikTok

There’s no denying that TikTok is a fun platform. With about a billion (yes, with a B) monthly active users, it’s grown quickly to become the most popular place to find new trends.

Beauty trends come and go, but with a fast-moving platform like TikTok, there’s always something new to discover. 

Most beauty trends are harmless and fun. It’s always exciting to try a new makeup trend or rediscover a classic technique that looks great.

But there can be a dark side, too: some trends can be harmful to your physical and mental health. 

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There’s a lot of good information out there on TikTok.

If you’re not sure how to apply a certain cosmetic properly, you’re going to find countless free tutorials on the platform that will help you feel more confident in your makeup skills.

Some TikTokers are also reviving classic beauty trends and makeup techniques that are coming back into fashion or never left, like the smokey eye, winged eyeliner, and cat-eye makeup. 

Some accounts also focus on getting better skin through helpful skincare tips.

While you have to be careful about which tips are safe for your skin, you can learn a lot about protecting and caring for your complexion on TikTok.

You might also pick out some safe, simple tips that could save you money on your beauty routine, like using clear soap instead of eyebrow gel. 

Weird TikTok Beauty “Hacks” 

Some trends on TikTok aren’t exactly harmful, but they can be weird. People have put live snails on their faces, used lube as a makeup primer, and started odd makeup trends based on pop culture.

These trends show just how far people are willing to go to stand out! 

Some beauty “trends,” like putting heavy-duty tape or hot wax on your face to clear out pores or create more youthful skin, are downright dangerous.

Many of these trends can harm the skin—or worse.

One trend told users to create their freckles with ink and sewing needles, which led to at least one person getting an infection, scarring, and temporary vision loss. 

Many of the most dangerous beauty trends become popular because they’re promoted as cheaper alternatives to expensive skin care treatments.

At-home chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lip plumping, and microneedling can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For those kinds of treatments, it’s best to save up for a professional-grade treatment for the sake of your health. 

Some health advocates are concerned about the potential negative impact of TikTok on the mental and physical health of young people.

Many TikTok “challenges” that come up are extremely dangerous and have led to deaths in some cases.

Although most of these aren’t beauty-related, they show just how influential the platform can be, especially for young people. 

Regulators are concerned about how using TikTok might be affecting the well-being of children and teens.

Several attorneys general have recently begun investigating the potential impact of the platform, including its mental health implications, children’s privacy oversight, and even its role in facilitating human trafficking. 

When in Doubt, Ask a Professional 

If you want to try any of the intriguing beauty trends or hacks on TikTok but you’re not quite sure how safe it is? Do some research first.

You might be able to find an expert opinion on the latest trends (sometimes even from professionals on their TikTok accounts). 

Can’t find anything? It’s best to ask a professional, like your doctor, to weigh in. Get your information from community health experts, or at least people with relevant training and certifications.

TikTok beauty trends are usually fleeting and you don’t want to compromise your health for the sake of saving a few dollars or trying something weird and hoping it will work. 

Don’t forget, that you might also need help with the emotional effects of TikTok.

If you find that your mental health is suffering due to what you’re seeing on social media, then it might be time to take a step back and go offline for a bit.

You might also want to talk with a mental health professional so they can help you healthily manage your mood. 

Humans thrive on trends—we love to innovate, try new things, and be part of a community. With the rise of social media, however, the pace of trendsetting has picked up rapidly.

Trends come and go so quickly that you might not even be aware of them until they’re already over. 

TikTok has boosted that pace even more. It’s impossible to keep up with everything and you can spend a lot of time watching videos of trends that won’t last past next Tuesday.

Have fun, just make sure you’re not getting involved with anything that could cause you harm!