7 Tips To Overcome Loneliness When Working From Home

At some point in time, all of us have fantasized about living alone and being our boss, working from home, as freelancers or YouTubers, whatever the dream may be.

We all love the idea of working from home but dealing with the sudden, frequent waves of loneliness and nothingness can be difficult.

Especially because a lot of us never really consider that we can feel lonely as well.

But now that you are finally on your own and have decided to quit office, taking a leap of faith in a full-time working from home setting, there are going to be highs and lows.

Some of you will feel it in the very beginning whereas some of you will experience it a little later but loneliness is going to make its way into your life and you will have to deal with it gracefully.

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure you handle yourself well and maintain your mental peace at all times.

How to Overcome Loneliness When you Work from Home by Lucy Griffiths

Start With Having a Calm Morning Routine

Starting your day on a positive, calming note can help you maintain the same vibe throughout the day.

Instead of switching on the laptop as soon as you open your eyes, invest around an hour or two of your morning in yourself.

Even if this means waking up a little earlier than you normally would, do it.

Your morning routine should have certain activities that will help you keep a check on your health, maintain or improve your health, and keep your stress and anxiety as far away from you as possible.

Now, you do not necessarily have to follow some influencer or celebrity’s morning routine but include activities like meditation, mindfulness, stretching, journaling, drinking water, and eating a healthy breakfast, to say the least.

Showering and brushing your teeth should always be on your list.

It is pretty easy to avoid taking a shower when there is literally no one around you and you can stay however you like but it is important to understand that by just taking a shower you can feel fresh and relaxed. For a more relaxing shower experience, try using an essential oil shower tablet.

Yes, it is about hygiene as well.

If possible, avoid using your phone in the morning and maybe play some calming, meditation music in the background while you do everything that is mentioned above.

Go Out At Least Once a Day

It is important to step out of your workplace or home at least once every day. You don’t have to do anything fancy.

Go out for a walk/run, buy groceries, or if nothing, just go out, stand, stretch, and breathe. Spend some time in the fresh air.

It will help you get out of the stressful environment that has been created by work at your place.

Even going to the gym can help significantly but still consider spending some time outside, in nature if you can.

Keep Yourself Busy but Not With Work

The best way to deal with loneliness is by embracing it. However, there is a lot that can be done to distract yourself from it.

You can do something that you always wanted to do.

Paint, dance, cook, dress up and click some pictures for the gram, learn from free online courses, enhance your skillset, read books, write your heart out, order your favorite food and watch Netflix, workout, meditate, read articles online on finding new clients as a freelancer or living alone, like this one.

You will find something intriguing and inspiring for sure.

It is important to do something outside of work as well. Now that you are alone and you have plenty of time for yourself, it’s time to give yourself the attention you deserve as well.

Connect With Friends or Even Strangers

If you have friends, connect with them. Call them, invite them to your place, plan a get-together or a brunch date.

If that is not something you would want to do, use social media. Text your online friends, make new friends, use dating apps, or just randomly talk to anyone and everyone on Reddit and Twitter.

Connecting with people will certainly make you feel better. And you don’t even have to commit or put yourself in situations you don’t feel comfortable in.

Keep in Touch With a Therapist

When you are living alone, your mental health can get easily affected. Although we all believe we can handle ourselves, it is important to have some professional support.

You do not have to hit the rock bottom before considering therapy. Even if you feel anxious, stressed, or lonely once in a blue moon, talk to a therapist.

It can worsen with time and there should be someone who can help you identify when it is getting out of hand. You can easily connect with certified therapists through Steady Care Medical.

Plan Short Trips

Plan weekend getaways. Living alone means freedom. You can plan according to your convenience and go out whenever you want.

You can plan short trips to beaches and hill stations with friends, family, or even go solo. No, going solo will not make you feel lonely.

If you always wanted to try solo traveling, you have everything you need. Go ahead, plan short trips and you don’t have to do anything fancy about it, plan trips that suit your budget.

Work in a Cafe At least Once in 15 Days

Working at home can get quite monotonous and to break the monotony consider working in some cafe at least once in every 15 days.

This way you will get to meet or see new people, pamper and treat yourself to your favorite meal. This will even enhance your productivity and improve your overall performance at work.

Staying inside can seriously affect your mental health.

Going out, even if it is for just one day in a week or two, can help you get out of the same environment, interact with people, and who knows you may end up finding someone on one of these “work dates”.

Parting Words

Living alone is amazing but there is always going to be a time when your mind will get bored of it and send you signals.

Even though these sudden waves of loneliness and anxiety are common, it is important to find a solution or way to manage them.

While there is a lot that can be done at the individual level, consulting a doctor should always be on the list so that there is someone who can guide you properly through it according to your personal needs, situation, and issues.