Abadon Without Makeup: The Looks Of AEW Star Without Her Scary Makeup

Abadon is an AEW star who is known for her scary and creepy makeup looks. Without makeup, it is not possible for Abadon to do AEW wrestling.

She does the makeup of a zombie and portrays herself as a living dead girl. Black and red are a must in her makeup and dresses. She looks insanely terrifying with her makeup looks and it is so rare to see Abadon without makeup. 

But people still want to see her face. So, here we have shown you almost no makeup Abadon looks.

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Abadon No Makeup Looks

We don’t think Abadon is recognizable without her intricate and colorful makeup. Makeup is her identity, and without it, she won’t look good enough to wrestle in the ring.

She prefers to stay an enigma that people love to solve but can’t. But hey, that’s why people love to watch her wrestle. Here are some of the pictures of Abadon with minimal makeup:

The Closest We Can Find Abadon Without Makeup

The Closest We Can Find Abadon Without Makeup

This is Abadon without her creepy makeup and multiple piercings. She almost looks like an ordinary woman, who doesn’t look like she wrestles.

People haven’t seen Abadon without makeup and that’s because she never makes herself seen without it. In this picture, she is wearing proper eye makeup, and seems like she is wearing nude lipstick too.

This tells that Abadon has never gone without makeup and chances are she never will.

Abadon No-Makeup Look

Abadon No-Makeup Look

For Abadon, this is almost a no-makeup look. Her eyes are done, and she has a lip ring too. But this look is simple compared to the makeup looks she pulls on her wrestling matches.

She is even wearing lenses here. Her hair is dyed purple and she looks scary, to say the least. But in this picture, you can see her face and can almost recognize her if you were to find AEW wrestler Abadon without makeup in a crowd.

It’s Abadon Without Makeup

It's Abadon Without Makeup

If you think AEW wrestler Abadon is wearing makeup in this picture, trust us that she isn’t. When Abadon wears makeup, her face becomes unrecognizable because of the different makeup techniques she tries on her face.

Those makeups are her signature look for wrestling and she never shows her face without looking at the audience.

That’s why people are always curious to see what’s the face behind her getup. Her eyebrows are pointed upwards and her red lips almost make her unapproachable.

Final Words:

Abadon is a mystery to people because of her aura and the scary makeup she wears. She doesn’t do interviews, so no one knows what her life is and where she lives.

It is safe to say that no one has ever seen Abadon without makeup, in her natural element. All we can see is her face without her getup makeup.

AEW Abadon wrestler without makeup is a great secret of this world and it will remain as one.