Why Use of Aluminum Water Bottles is The Best Eco-Friendly Switch

As we continue to become more conscious of our every action, making sure that we reduce the carbon footprint we give off into the atmosphere, we are provided with alternatives that could help us avoid using products harmful to our environment.

According to statistics, in 2014, the United States alone was able to sell more than 100 billion plastic bottles just for beverage, which more than half of it, or 57% to be exact, were water bottles. This goes to show how we became accustomed to using plastic-made items everyday, things that we just throw away after use.

Did you know that plastic bottles take 450 years before they degrade? It means that they have to remain all those years on the surface of the Earth, most probably in landfills, contributing to the production of greenhouse gases and the worsening of global warming. This reason alone should already encourage us to stop accepting and using single-use plastic, starting with water bottles. 

The good thing is we have a choice. We are given better alternatives that can help prevent us from ever utilizing plastic. One of these is reusable water bottles, specifically, Aluminum water bottles.

Which Water Bottle is Best? BPA, Aluminum, Stainless Steel?

Aluminum Water Bottles 

In 2001, aluminum bottles were made public by Coca-Cola as a conscious decision that aimed to replace plastic beverage bottles. Since then, people have started to see how reusable aluminum water bottles are so beneficial not only for the environment but also for humans.

Several bottle manufacturers have also begun to produce more durable and long-lasting reusable bottles. There is no point in buying bottled water anymore; you can just bring your aluminum bottle and refill it.

Benefits of Aluminum Water Bottles 

There are endless benefits to using aluminum water bottles. Aside from it being better for the environment compared with plastic, these benefits we stated below should be able to persuade ultimately to do the switch.

Environmentally friendly

We just could not say this enough: using reusable aluminum water bottles can help save what is left with our world from climate change. What makes this better is the fact that aluminum bottles are made out of recyclable materials.


An aluminum water bottle is shock-proof, which means it cannot be easily dented or destroyed with just a drop. It can withstand any wear and tear, so you know it can last you a lifetime. Imagine that you are using only one water bottle for the rest of your life. Mother Nature will thank you.

No health risks

Unlike plastic bottles, where the water can be contaminated with microplastics and can harm your health, aluminum water bottles are safe to reuse over and over.

Easy to clean

You do not even have to worry about sanitation because you can easily clean them with soap and warm water.

It helps us to drink more water.

Remember what we said about how these reusable water bottles can benefit us? This is because having a designated container for your water helps you monitor the amount you are drinking every day and forces us to stay hydrated. 

Do the switch now 

Remember that small steps towards saving the environment is better than nothing. Switching to aluminum water bottles is your first small step out to a more eco-friendly way of living.