4 Amazing Benefits You Didn’t Know About DNA Testing

DNA testing kits are trending, and why wouldn’t they, as these can reveal so many secrets about your ancestors, ethnicity, health, potential health risks, and even things related to your beauty.

While you might consider getting a home Health Street DNA test, we have gathered a list of four amazing things that your DNA can reveal about you. 

When it comes to your genes, there are a few traits and characteristics that you are born with, such as your skin tone, your hair color, the color of your eyes, and so on. Your genes can only be seen through a microscope.

Your DNA is actually a string of information that has been passed down to your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on. 

Most probably, you have heard people referring to your genes as your DNA.

While most DNA is typically the same for everyone, it is only the difference of a very small percentage that makes you different from the rest. This small percentage sets the different markers in your skin, appearance, etc. 

Besides, not many people know about the fact that your DNA also tells a lot about your personality and the potential health-related risks that you carry. 

What DNA ancestry tests can — and can’t — tell you by Vox

Aging Process

If you are in your early teens or twenties, you might be wondering about your aging process and when the first grey hair will start to appear.

However, there is also the chance that you might have had your first strand of grey hair at an early age, let us say, in your early teens.

When it comes to aging and your DNA, scientists have traced a gene in your DNA that determines when the first strand of grey hair will appear on your head.

The gene also determines the color of your skin and eyes. It has been estimated that the gene, also known as “IRF4,” might help scientists with the development of a process that might help with delaying aging and improving the quality of life. 

Researchers and scientists have also found other genes in the DNA that are linked with unibrows, balding, thick hair, and thin hair. 

Gay Pride

Have you ever wondered why gay people say that they are born that way? The answer is that they are telling the truth – it is in their genes.

Researchers and scientists have found that our DNA plays a crucial role in determining our preferences about which gender we are attracted to. 

It has been analyzed that the uncles and male cousins of gays are also more likely to be gay and feel attracted to the same gender. 

The Dad’s Influence

Like a father, like a son (and daughter), we know that a woman’s lifestyle choices, habits, age, weight, eating, and drinking habits have a lot to do with the development of her pregnancy and the health of her baby.

However, while more attention is paid to the mother, the truth is that the dad’s influence is just as much as the mother’s influence. 

We see that as men get older, they become less active, have a beer belly, gain weight, and even become chain smokers or heavy drinkers.

Unbeknownst to them, they can put their kids and grandkids in danger by passing on the changes in their genes to the new generation. 

DNA and Health

DNA genetics testing can provide health care specialists plenty of insight about your risks of developing certain illnesses, such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, migraine, and even depression.

By knowing about your potential health-related risks beforehand, you can incorporate positive lifestyle changes and prevent the development of illnesses later on.