Best Foods And Drinks To Pair With Hookah

When it comes to hookah lounges, we try to keep in mind that you’re not alone. This implies you should (or at the very least should) consider the feelings of others.

As a result, avoid providing and consuming starchy or greasy meals like burgers, fries, or other fried foods.

The Hops House, for example, serves a typical platter of potato chips with various dipping sauces.

Although this isn’t considered the best way to cleanse your body, it is an effective method of getting rid of germs and unwanted substances found in your house that may cause allergies or asthma attacks.

This strategy must be coupled with other healthy habits such as eating nutritious meals and exercising daily.

You can do everything you want to eat! Fried food makes the hose greasy and adhesive, decreasing the fun your buddies may have smoked from the hookah.

Instead, I prefer lighter finger foods like sushi, organic carrots, or cabbage chips.

Gather around the hookah while the meat is on the grill. Nuts in all forms are excellent as hookah food to consider. We assure you don’t be concerned about nuts being high in fat.

How to make the best Hookah Fruit Bowl by HOOKAHBoss, Art Hookah, and Hookahjohn by HookahJohn

Yucky Food

Pairing hookah and food is not a simple process. Some flavors are incompatible and should not be combined. In addition, oily foods can ruin your party.

Spicy Cuisine

Hot and spicy foods dull your taste and smell buds, reducing the flavor of shisha, especially if it’s weaker.

Food for dipping

Stick to breadsticks and other dry foods. Snacks go well with hookah because they don’t leave a strong aftertaste and wash away easily.

Hookah and food may not seem like a natural pairing, but the correct snack will freshen your palate and make smoking more enjoyable.

Fruits are an excellent snack to mix with a smoking water pipe. Fruits are not only light and energizing, but they help keep your body hydrated.

Staying hydrated is critical if you smoke nicotine-laced tobacco since too much nicotine can make you dizzy and even sick.

Hookah and Drinks A group of young women with dark hair smokes and drinks a hookah.


Some hookah lounge concepts are more oriental.

Smoking a hookah and drinking a cup of coffee is one of the best shisha and food combinations that completely understand the habit of being around for so long.

Coffee, ideally espresso or a cup of strong Turkish coffee, is a wonderful drink to mix with hookah because of its bitter and biting flavor.

When mixing these two, go for a pure tobacco leaf flavor or something more balanced.

Fruit-flavored shisha creates a sweet and lingering aftertaste in your mouth that is difficult to wipe away with coffee alone.

Our following drink recommendation is for you if you prefer fruit flavors in your hookah.


You’ve surely heard that drinking milk can help to mask the taste of spicy and hot foods? It may seem unusual and remind you of “A Clockwork Orange,” but mixing a glass of chilled milk with fruit-flavored shisha elevates the smoking experience.

Cold milk gently rinses the tobacco flavor, making room for another fresher puff and a more delectable drink. Minty-flavored shisha, in addition to fruity flavors, goes well with milk.

It’s the same with waterpipe smoking. If you want more intensely scented tobacco, milk is the best beverage with your hookah.

Beverages containing alcohol

After smoking hookah, you can spice it up with an alcoholic drink to eliminate that boring feeling on your taste buds. To enhance the experience, stick to wheat beers or IPAs for beer.

Tobaccos pair nicely with whiskey and bourbon with a more woody and strong flavor.

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