4 Tips On Choosing Healthy Options At A Restaurant

Having a good diet is essential if you want to be healthy, feel good in your body, and have a clear mind. Eating healthy can be a challenge; however, it’s pretty doable if you do your research and prepare the food at home.   

But what happens when you want to go out to eat? Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the right restaurants with the food you want to eat or healthy meals in your favorite fast-food joints.

The reality is that many places don’t use quality ingredients or are using too many additives, salt or fat to enhance the flavor.

Not everything is lost, and you can still eat out even if you are on a healthy diet; you just need to keep a few things in mind.

Many places serve healthy options and meals prepared to satisfy specific dietary needs. But there’s also a way to keep it healthy and still eat in your favorite regular places.

We will share a few tips on choosing healthy options at restaurants, so you can still enjoy tasty food and pay attention to your health.

Healthy Tips for Eating at a Restaurant | A Little Bit Better With Keri Glassman by LivestrongWoman

Always Have a Plan

It’s much easier to avoid unhealthy meals and ingredients if you plan everything. If you are going alone or have a date, you can choose the restaurant and avoid any inconveniences.

Also, many places have their menus online to see what they offer and if there is anything you would like to eat, and if it seems healthy.

In many establishments, you can also see nutrition information about the meals, and that’s the easiest way to choose a healthy or low-calorie option.   

Even if you are not choosing the restaurant, you can still do your little research and come prepared. There are healthy options in places you never thought about, and the best burgers menu have them too.

You just need to look before going out.

Don’t Go Out Too Hungry

A great trip to prevent yourself from overeating or craving unhealthy options is never going out too hungry.

You will probably order more food than you need or something you usually wouldn’t eat when you are starving. Our brain is not functioning correctly when hungry, so you need to keep that in mind.

To prevent it, you should have regular meals during the day and a few healthy snacks in between. That way, you’ll avoid overeating during lunch or dinner.

The worst thing you can do is skip your breakfast because when it comes the time for lunch, you’ll probably be starving and want to eat a lot. And in most cases, you’ll crave junk food.   

Another good trick is to always have trail mix by yourself, so you can snack on it before heading to dinner. You’ll still be hungry when you get there, but not famished and craving extra food. 

Read the Menu Carefully

As mentioned, you can research the menu even before you come to a restaurant. But it would help if you did it once more when you got there.

Also, if the menu is not available online and it’s the first time you see the menu, give yourself some time to read it. By doing so, you’ll be able to find the best options for you.

Every menu has descriptions of the dishes and how they are prepared. If you want to avoid unhealthy options, you shouldn’t order anything deep-fried or prepared with a lot of fat.

Also, breaded foods are not the best options you can get.  

Don’t worry, there are still many things you can order. You can get anything cooked, baked, poached, or broiled without excess fat. The best options are steamed and grilled dishes.  

Also, pay attention to the ingredients. When it comes to pasta, a tomato-based sauce or pesto are always better options than sauces with cream and cheese, as they are not that calorie-dense.

When choosing salads, stay away from mayonnaise-based dressings, and choose those with lighter vinaigrette.

Be Careful When Ordering Drinks

Do you know that drinks can mess up your diet too? Drinks contain many empty calories, and most of them are not the healthiest option.

You should avoid any sodas and soft drinks, as they are high in sugars and various additives. And when it comes to alcoholic beverages, beer is not the most excellent option, nor are cocktails.

If you want to have a glass of alcohol, you should choose plain drinks like vodka or gin with a slice of lemon or lime. And a glass of white wine from time to time is an okay option. 

And the ultimate option is to order a glass of water or an herbal tea, depending on the type of food you are eating.  

We hope that these tips will help you the next time you want to go out to a restaurant. And always remember that it’s still possible to eat excellent and delicious food and stay healthy.