Which Beverages To Avoid In Summer?

Why, in the heat, do even healthy people experience dizziness, headaches, and loss of strength, concentration, and attention? It turns out that dehydration contributes to this.

Often it comes unnoticed by the person himself, and it is possible to guess what is happening only by warning symptoms. How to prevent dehydration and what not to drink to quench your thirst?

The Best Summer Drinks To Stay Away From Soda by Green Healthy Cooking

Drinking Regimen

Weather over twenty degrees Celsius is always stressful for the body. The situation worsens when there is no cloud in the sky, and the temperature keeps on rising.

Nature’s “steam room” forces a person to actively lose moisture. When, under normal conditions, about two liters of fluid per day are consumed with sweat, this figure can reach up to 4 liters in hot weather!

If you do not replenish the lost volumes in time, your well-being will suffer. In addition, there is a high probability of exacerbation of chronic diseases – primarily of the heart and kidneys.

But you cannot drink any beverage you like during this weather.

Despite the high water content, some do not quench the thirst but kindle it even more.

Others are even worse as they remove moisture from the body while at the same time endangering the health of the gastrointestinal tract. What can and cannot be drunk in summer?


First of all, you should give up alcohol. Experts have calculated that if a drink contains 10% alcohol, it removes more water than it takes in.

And if the percentage is even higher, the effect is stronger. Drinking alcoholic beverages in hot weather can lead to heatstroke.

In addition, alcohol increases blood pressure and puts an additional burden on the heart. Thus, if you and your partner are suffering from alcohol addiction, you must fight it together.

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Coffee, Americano, And Espresso

Drinks containing caffeine are not prohibited in the summer heat. However, a sense of proportion must be observed with them.

More than three cups a day significantly increase the likelihood of dehydration in the body. It is especially true if you drink coffee not in grains but in granules with added sugar.

This drink will definitely make you want to drink more.

You can replace coffee with homemade brewed tea. Prepare a drink from the herbs that grow in your backyard or give preference to branded drinks – green or black tea.

To diversify the taste of the drink and, at the same time, bring more benefits to the body, add useful additives – lemon slices, cranberries, or raspberries.

Milkshake, Chocolate, And Vanilla Milk

Milk-based cocktails and new varieties of popular drinks like coconut, chocolate, or vanilla milk are banned in the summer!

This is because they contain a large amount of sugar, which stimulates thirst, and all kinds of E additives, which do not benefit the body.

The best choice and alternative to these products is kefir. This unpretentious drink can win the title of “best energy drink” among nutritionists.

It has healthy components that are beneficial for health. It gives the drink a characteristic taste and perfectly prevents dehydration.

Energy Drinks

In addition to the shock dose of caffeine (much higher than in one serving of coffee), such drinks contain a lot of sugar and chemical additives – dyes and flavor enhancers.

Drinking such a drink in the heat is nice if you don’t think about the composition. But instead of quenching your thirst, you will get a parched throat.

Thus, instead of drinking these beverages, you should have a glass of water.

Sweet Soda, Pepsi, And Coca-Cola

Good taste is perhaps the only benefit of these drinks and is doubtful for the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

The components of these drinks are even worse – caffeine, E supplements, a lot of sugar, or its substitutes. Soda does not contain restorative and tonic substances that are present, for example, in ordinary tea.

In addition to pleasant taste sensations, it does not give anything, but it increases thirst.

Fruit And Berry Smoothies

This drink, based on milk, berries, and fruits, has many advantages. For example, it contains vitamins, antioxidants, and a small amount of fiber (if the pulp is present).

But a frequent ingredient is also sugar, which causes a sweet taste and therefore makes you even more thirsty. In addition, this drink is too thick to quench thirst and can only be perceived as a pleasant dessert.

Hot Chocolate

According to experts, one cup of this drink has more sugar and calories than one can of Coca-Cola.

And although this beverage will cause increased sweating, which will cool the body, it will not quench the feeling of thirst. It will leave a characteristic aftertaste and make you dehydrated.

According to experts, one cup of this drink has more sugar and calories than one can of Coca-Cola.

You need to replace this drink with a healthier alternative, like green tea. Instead of a cup of hot chocolate, have a cup of green tea with some honey.

It will replenish your body with energy and also keep you fresh.

Mineral Water

Now there is a trend in drinking mineral water, and there are several varieties available on the market.

However, there are different content of magnesium and calcium in different mineral water.

Though they have several beneficial properties; however, you need to be cautious.

When it comes to medicinal water, in which the concentration of minerals is much higher, you must refrain from drinking it too much.

If used for a long time, it can be harmful to health.

Take Away

We mentioned a list of beverages above in this article that you must limit during summer season. By staying away from them, you will safeguard your health from harmful consequences.

It is better to replace all above mentioned drinks with their healthier alternatives.