10 Best Green Tea Brands For Diabetes Patients

Green tea is considered one of the healthy drinks with almost no side effects. It is rich in antioxidants which help boost our brain function, lowers body fat, and reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases among many other benefits. It is famous for its fresh taste and is increasingly replacing traditional hot drinks like Tea and Coffee.

For a diabetic person, consuming a normal diet becomes difficult and hot drinks are a major part of our diet. Thanks to Green Tea, people having diabetes can include hot drinks again in their diet and also enjoy its benefits in maintaining their sugar level too.

According to researchers, green tea consumption leads to a decrease in fasting glucose levels and A1C levels and also fasting Insulin levels. Below is a list of the 10 best green tea brands for diabetes patients available in the market today.

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Here are some best green tea for diabetes

1. Bigelow Tea Bags

Bigelow Tea Bags for Diabetes

Bigelow is an American brand with a long history of quality green tea products. The green tea is handpicked from high altitude regions and delicately packed to preserve its freshness.

It can be considered the best green tea brand for its huge variety of flavors. You can either go for the classic box or relish yourselves with a variety of flavors to choose from. Its high quality and handpicked leaves let you maintain your diabetes under check.

2. GlucoBlocker Gymnema Green Tea

GlucoBlocker Gymnema Green Tea For Diabetes

Glucoblocker Company might not be the oldest but it has gained quite a reputation among diabetic patients because of its high benefits. Not only it contains green tea but also Gymneria Camellia which also helps in keeping sugar level in check. It is one of the healthy green tea brands available in the market.

It keeps the level of sugar-reduced in your body at a comfortable limit and also reduces your craving for sweets. The taste might not be great but it is one of the healthier and easy options to live your life fully with diabetes.

3. Celestial Seasonings Green Tea

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea For Diabetes

Celestial Seasonings is another well-known name in the tea market with a history of over 50 years. The unique quality of Celestial green tea is that they also contain caffeine which can boost your energy instantly.

It is available in different flavors also and has a mild taste making them perfect for any time of the day. It is also pocket friendly than others.

4. Health King Sugar Controller Herb Tea

Health King Sugar Controller Herb Tea For Diabetes

Health king company has been making traditional herbal teas since 1994 using the wisdom of thousands of years. They claim that their teas have several other benefits apart from controlling sugar levels like improved bowel function, reduces blood fat, and also urine sugar level.

In most cases, it does what it advertises and is a great replacement for other hot drinks. Taste is not that good but the health benefits supersede it. It is surely a green tea brand for diabetes.

5. Gymnema Green Tea for Diabetics, No Caffeine

Gymnema Green Tea for Diabetics, No Caffeine

This green tea variant is one of the basic ones with no flavors, no caffeine but only natural herbs.

It is specifically made up for those people who want to keep their blood sugar level in check. If you want various tastes and caffeine, then you may look at other products but if you don’t then it is the best green tea for diabetic patients.

It is 48% Gymnema Sylvestre which is medically proven to reduce your sugar levels, aids insulin production, and is very good at it.

6. Traditional Medicinals Organic Green Tea Lemongrass Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Green Tea Lemongrass Tea For Diabetes

Along with green tea leaves, it also contains lemongrass tea leaves too so it has a strong flavor but it will grow on you as you continue drinking it.

It also contains naturally occurring caffeine from green tea leaves. It also aids in keeping sugar levels down along with improving gut function.

7. Darjeeling Green Tea

Darjeeling Green Tea For Diabetes

Darjeeling is said to have one of the finest tea plantations in the world and it is evident from the taste of this tea. Sabai sources its tea directly from Darjeeling and this has helped them to produce a delicious rejuvenating taste that makes you crave for more.

It also contains little turmeric flavor which only adds to the taste. This tea has dual benefits – one for your overall health and the second for your mood because it will surely lift your spirits high.

8. USDA Organic Mulberry Tea

USDA Organic Mulberry Tea For Diabetes

Mulberry leaves are known to reduce blood sugar levels and this tea consists of 100% mulberry leaves and nothing else. It has a great taste and will help you to maintain your blood sugar levels by aiding in the secretion of Insulin.

9. Good Earth Sensorial Cloudmist Green Tea

Good Earth Sensorial Cloudmist Green Tea For Diabetes

Good Earth has been a popular name in the tea business and their quality shows us why. This green tea for diabetes is procured under the Rainforest alliance and uses biodegradable packaging.

It mixes the flavors of cloudmist with green tea to provide you with a cup of freshness that will certainly lift your spirits high.

10. Stassen Pure Jasmine Green Tea

Stassen Pure Jasmine Green Tea For Diabetes

If you want to try out a new flavor of green tea then this is it. Jasmine flavor is rather uncommon and it is procured from Ceylon. You will be amazed by its floral fragrance and how light it is to drink. If you like these attributes, then it is the best green tea on the market for you.


Here we terminate our list of best green tea for diabetes and we hope that this list proves useful to you and you can choose your cup of tea with ease now. Please note that green tea only aids in reducing your sugar level and not to be used as a substitute for your medication for diabetes. Stay safe stay healthy.