10 Best Keto Friendly Yogurt Brands

Low-carb yogurt keto helps us maintain a state of ketosis, which is necessary. For it to work, carb content must remain at a maximum of 50gms net. Such a restriction leaves out many readily available keto-friendly yogurt brands. 

The best keto yogurt desserts are those with whole fat, which includes plain yogurt. Sounds boring right? It isn’t since there are some fantastic keto-friendly brands available 

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Best Keto-Friendly Yogurt Brands

You must find a ratio of keto-friendly yogurt to include in our daily meals. Yogurt is a beneficial and welcome addition. 

1. Chobani Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Chobani Low Fat Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt

It’s among the most readily available keto-friendly brands available. Why? It’s because the majority of stores stock it. Not only is it one of the ideal yogurts for keto, but it’s also vegan-friendly. 

Additionally, it’s free of all harmful sweeteners, gluten, and preservatives. To top that off, this yogurt brand only contains 8gms carbs

2. Peak Triple Cream Plain

Originally from Oregon, this brand has spread across the country to the delight of many Keto enthusiasts. keto enthusiasts. What makes it ideal keto-friendly yogurt is its significantly low-carb content of only 4gms

Not to mention it’s nutrient-rich with 24gms of fat and 8gms of protein

3. Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt

Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt

What makes Oikos a different kind of keto-friendly brand is its lack of fat content. What? Yes, this brand has no fat content but comes in numerous flavors. You can then indulge in more than just the plain keto-friendly Greek yogurt brands. 

Oikos Triple Zero supplies us with 15gms of protein

4. Cabot Plain Greek Yogurt

Cabot Greek Yogurt 2% Plain

You can benefit from 12gms carbs, 16gms protein, and 22gms fat, all in the Cabot keto-friendly brand. What makes it different? The fact that it’s one of the heaviest and thickest keto-friendly yogurts you can find. 

From that fact, you can make a complete meal with it by topping up with different fruits and berries. 

5. Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt

Stonyfield Organic 100 Percent Grassfed Greek Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

Those of us who enjoy whole milk Greek yogurt can turn to this excellent brand. What makes this yogurt ketogenic is it has only 9gms of carbs. Also, you get 8gms of fat and 24gms of protein

It’s an organic brand that’s kosher, gluten-free, and the milk is from pasture-raised cows. Additionally, there are no preservatives in it.

6. Black Sheep – Sheep Vanilla Yogurt

 Yogurt Sheep Vanilla

Unlike other readily available keto-friendly brands, the Black Sheep isn’t easy to track down. However, what makes it ideal is it’s the best brand for those who are intolerant to dairy. It’s available online, but you have to purchase several containers at once. 

You will get the following from this brand, 13gms of protein, 9gms carbs, and 12gms fat

7. Two Good Lowfat Greek Yogurt

Two Good Lowfat Greek Yogurt

Not one to contain many ingredients, the White Mountain Bulgarian is made of live cultures and milk. It’s a keto-friendly brand and shares similarities with Greek yogurt. 

Expect to find in this keto-friendly yogurt 5gms carbs, 13gms protein, and 8gms fat

8. FAGE TOTAL, Greek Yogurt

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Lovers of creamy and tart yogurt will enjoy the Fage Total keto-friendly brand. On this plain flavored yogurt, you get 18gms protein, 6gms Carbs, and 10gms fat. Being a plain yogurt, add any berries to it for flavor. 

9. Elli Quark Strawberry Yogurt

Elli Quark Strawberry Yogurt

Though the company opts to market as “cheesecake in a cup” this keto-friendly brand ticks all the right buttons. Not to mention it’s not as plain as many other brands since it has a wide array of options to choose from. 

It has options in terms of whole milk and 0%. What you can expect from this brand is 12-14gms protein, 5-9gms carbs, and 4-5.5gms fat

10. Yoplait Greek Black Cherry Yogurt


Anyone seeking a keto-friendly brand that’s low in sugar and carbs need not look anywhere else. Two Good plain yogurt brands have only 4gms carbs, 3gms sugar, 11gms protein, and 5gms fat

Frequently Asked Questions

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The best yogurt for keto is low in carbs and sugars, like the Two Good plain yogurt brand

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Final Thought

Keto-friendly yogurt brands are a great addition to the keto diet. For plain ones, add some berries or low-carb fruits for flavor. 

We welcome all questions and comments on this topic down below. Also, please share with us your favorite keto yogurt dessert that you come across. 

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