4 Best Natural Cures For Health Issues While Traveling

Travel is all about exploring the wilderness and connecting to your inner self. While traversing through the lush-green terrains, you are prone to several harmful environmental agents. Also, the abrupt weather changes might affect your vital functioning and lead to travel sickness.

Motion sickness is one of the health concerns that travelers often experience on the journey. It leads to symptoms like nausea, vomiting, confusion, and dizziness. 

Along with this, you may experience restlessness and mental issues throughout the trip. In such cases, you can try out the natural cures available to ward off motion sickness. Here are the top natural ways in which you can control travel sickness and enjoy the getaway.

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Aromatherapy - Natural Cure For Health Issues While Traveling

One of the best methods to curb travel sickness is aromatherapy. Before embarking upon the journey, you must gather the aromatherapy essentials and take them along. Aromatherapy is the practice of utilizing fragrant essential oils to calm your nerves.

Also, the olfactory stimulus reaches your brain through the sensory nerves and ensures proper vital functions. It proves to be quite effective in symptoms like nausea, drowsiness, and persistent headache. Along with this, you can use essential oils to beat the travel blues. 

Some herbal oils used in the alternative therapy are lavender, peppermint, and jasmine extracts. The chemicals present in the herbal extracts interact with your brain receptors.

Further, the treatment relieves mild to moderate signs of motion sickness and travel anxiety. Research suggests that aromatherapy shows promising results in mental health issues concerned with travel like anxiety, mood swings, and depressive thoughts.

Hence, you may get your hands on the aromatherapy oils and explore the unexplored in a relaxing manner. Make sure to find out the correct dosage and directions of usage before starting the therapy.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea is Natural Cure For Health Issues While Traveling

Herbal remedies are quite effective in treating common health issues like colds, coughs, and prolonged fatigue. While traveling, you may go through signs of motion sickness and related health issues. In such cases, you can take refuge in herbal remedies like chamomile, lavender, and valerian.

The herbal constituents interact with several brain receptors and ease out travel anxiety. Along with this, it may curb excessive nausea, vomiting, and restlessness during the journey. 

You can try other alternatives like Dimethyltryptamine to curb travel sickness and slow down anxiety attacks. If you’re wondering how to get dmt, then you may look out for it in the nearby dispensaries.

Make sure to start your trip with a cup of warm herbal tea to ease down the travel stress. Not to forget, it accelerates the metabolism and keeps you active for a more extended period.

Acupressure Therapy

Another alternative medical technique that might help in case of travel sickness is acupressure therapy. It involves pressing the pressure points on your body to relieve muscle tension and painful sensations. Also, the therapy arises from the fact that painful stimuli result due to a hindrance in the free flow of energy through the region.

With the manual pressing of the desired acupressure point, you can relieve muscle aches, fatigue, as well as anxiety. Other than this, it ensures relief from headaches, long-term stress, and lethargy due to prolonged stress.

When it comes to travel-related ailments, you can opt for acupressure therapy as and when you want. Some symptoms like travel fatigue, anxiety, and nausea may subside with a few sessions of acupressure therapy.

Before starting the session, you might want to learn about the pressure points that curb travel sickness. One of the pressure points in your wrist, i.e., Nei-Kuan, responds well to the fatigue that sets in after hours of travel. 

All you need to do is apply firm pressure on the inner portion of your left wrist for a few seconds. Repeat the step a few times to alleviate pain and lethargy that comes after long hours of exploration.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing

If you’re experiencing mild to moderate travel issues, then you can try out the various breathing therapy techniques. With regulated breathing and mindfulness techniques, you can curb excessive fatigue, anxiety, and restlessness. Diaphragmatic breathing involves slow and deep cycles of inspiration as well as expiration.

Also, you can couple up the breathing methods with meditation for additional benefits. It may improve your respiratory cycles, improve blood circulation, and ease panic attacks. 

Along with this, the breathing session can slow down your rapid heart rate and curb the levels of stress hormone. As stress hormone levels reduce, you are likely to get rid of travel fatigue, restlessness, and mood issues.

You can perform the breathing movements either at the start or at the end of your day. That way, you may achieve a consistent sleep cycle and a faster metabolism.

Final Verdict

Are you a traveler who likes to explore the unique terrains and lush-green hiking trails? If yes, then you must find out the ideal natural remedies to curb travel sickness. You can start with the aromatherapy techniques that ease out stress and travel-related fatigue.

Also, try out herbal teas to relieve the signs of motion sickness and boost your metabolism. Some herbs to consider for travel-related ailments are chamomile, lavender, and valerian.

All these alternative therapy options can promote vital functions and control the travel blues. Before you head out, try to gather enough natural remedies for motion sickness and related mental concerns.