Can Retainers Straighten Your Teeth?

Teeth retainers are the devices that are used after braces treatments. Orthodontists treat problems like overbite, underbite, and other misaligned teeth with Invisalign or braces treatments.

This is done to straighten teeth. But there are chances of teeth coming back to their original form after the braces are removed.

The purpose of putting retainers after braces is to prevent the teeth from coming back to their previous shape. You will need to wear them for the time duration prescribed by your orthodontist.

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Can We Use Retainers for Teeth Straightening?

  • Teeth retainers have their limitations. Therefore they are used after the braces treatment. Covering the teeth with retainers is done to keep already aligned teeth intact. Thus, the amount of pressure they put on the teeth is not equivalent to the braces. They are not sufficient in themselves to correct the position of misaligned teeth or jaw.
  • Teeth retainers can correct some minor displacement of teeth. There can be a case that your teeth got a little misplaced after the braces treatment. You can treat teeth with retainers if there are such minor issues to be treated. But one thing to remember is that it is not a guaranteed solution.

Here are some FAQs regarding teeth retainers for providing further clarity on the subject.

Can retainers move teeth back?

Teeth retainers are the aftercare of the braces treatment. Teeth with retainers don’t move back to their original position, which is corrected by orthodontics treatment. So they can fix a slight reposition of teeth, but they are not the complete treatment to straighten teeth.

Can old retainers realign teeth?

You can wear old retainers if they still fit your teeth. But they have limited capacity for realigning the teeth. Old retainers can only rectify a minor hitch. You need a proper orthodontics treatment for any significant issue.

Can retainers ruin teeth?

If the fitting of the teeth retainer is not proper, it can damage your teeth. Too lose retainer for teeth will be ineffective. On the other hand, teeth with retainers that are too tight get damaged at their surface.

Should I wear my retainer if it hurts?

A little discomfort is expected in the beginning. However, if the pain continues after a few days, please contact your orthodontist immediately. Stop wearing retainers until you visit the orthodontist.

Why does my retainer smell like poop?

It is usually due to plaque deposits and bacteria. Maintaining oral hygiene according to the recommendation of the orthodontist will treat this issue easily.

So if teeth retainers are not the solution to straighten teeth, what are your options? Look at the kind of braces as mentioned below:-

Metal Braces

The traditional metal braces with wires have become more comfortable with scientific advancements. They are less in size now, and reposition your teeth with minimum pain. 

Lingual Braces

They do the same work as the good old braces, and they do it discreetly! Orthodontists mount them behind your teeth. There is an advantage in that it works without a visible orthodontics treatment. At the same time, there is a downside that they are less comfortable.

Ceramic Braces

As the name suggests, they are made of ceramic material. The tone and color of the material are customized according to the patient’s teeth. So they are far less visible than the traditional braces. But they do the same job.


These are the most convenient and modern ways to straighten teeth. Invisaligns are transparent in look. Hence they are called invisible braces also. It saves you from the visibility of the braces treatment. You even have the freedom of removing them while eating.

Aside from retainers, there are plenty of other ways to straighten crooked teeth. It’s best to check out this dentist in Lincoln Park so they can discuss the pros and cons of each option.

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