Can You Eat Takis With Braces?

You must have heard of Takis if you have not eaten it. Whether you prefer a bag of chips or a can, these crunchy snack sticks are a staple in many of our snack drawers.

But did you know that there’s a reason they’re so popular?

Takis snacks are some of the most palatable snacks on the market, with one serving containing as much protein as six big almonds and a whopping 140 calories! 

Its crunchy texture and unique flavor make one get addicted to it. However, things might be the opposite if you are someone with braces.

The crunch it offers to your teeth and tongue might not please you anymore.

Have you ever wondered how to eat Takis chips without getting your braces caught in the bag or, worse yet, falling off? This article is all about eating takis with braces on. 

Insane Taki Challenge VS Braces

Why is it challenging to eat Takis chips with braces? 

Why is it challenging to eat Takis chips with braces? 

Takis are made up of corn starch, sugar, and soy which is why they are crunchy at first and sticky once mixed with saliva.

People love to enjoy the crisp, but if you wear braces, you should be careful when eating Takis. They can damage the metal and plastic parts of the braces when you bite and break the snack. 

Takis are not hard to chew, but they get incredibly sticky after a few seconds of chewing. Once stuck in the braces, Takis will be complicated to remove.

You may even end up damaging the braces and your teeth as well. Therefore, you must learn how to eat Takis with braces or avoid having them while you have orthodontics.

Furthermore, even if the snack has been eaten safely, the tacky residue left in your mouth is mainly stuck around the braces and their wire, which might cause plaque buildup and bad breath. 

How to eat Takis with braces?

How to eat Takis with braces?

As mentioned earlier, Takis are extremely sticky, and if you swallow them whole, they will get stuck in the braces and your teeth.

Hence, you must know how to eat Takis properly with braces to eliminate or minimize the risk of damage. These are a few 

  1. Eat Takis by cutting them into small pieces and then swallowing.
  2. Make sure you keep them in your mouth and bite slowly to avoid getting Takis stuck in your braces.
  3. Avoid cutting or biting the snack with your front teeth, as it may directly hit and bend the wire.
  4. If the snack is complex, break it into small pieces before eating to reduce the chances of getting a toothache later. 
  5. It is a good idea to brush your teeth after you finish eating Takis. The best way to do this is to brush your teeth using toothpaste specially made for your braces.
  6. This will ensure that your teeth won’t be stained and that the food residue does not remain on your teeth.
  7. One exciting way to consume your favorite snack with braces is to grind it into small chunks and have it with a spoon.
  8. This might leave a sticky residue but avoid the risk of breaking the orthodontics. 


In conclusion, braces aren’t a problem if you know how to eat them without hurting yourself.

However, getting orthodontics and bearing its discomfort for months is not easy, so it’s better to eat the recommended food items and avoid those that might cause trouble.

You can always enjoy Takis after your teeth are perfectly aligned and braces are removed. So, why take the risk?