Cerner EMR Substitutes You Must Know About

About Cerner Electronic medical records

Cerner EHR is an on-premise software solution that allows you to centrally store, capture, and access all of your patient’s clinical data.

Clinical documentation, MRI scans, lab results, and a wide range of other information are available.

Cerner medical software collaborates closely with you to develop customized EMRs for a variety of clinical necessities, including different levels of client care.

The EMR is intended to handle both medical and organizational procedures through the integration of patient records, financial planning, and planning, medical collaboration, and processes.

The Cerner EMR software allows effective use of healthcare professionals’ time by automating tasks, allowing them to devote more time to patient care and collaboration with colleagues.

Cerner EMR Substitutes

Cerner Clinical Experience

Stress among healthcare professionals is on the rise, posing a threat to the healthcare industry.

Because of a variety of aspects ranging from loss of control to reduced productivity, clinicians are facing an overwhelming sense of frustration and a loss of expert fulfillment in their careers.

Cerner has hundreds of clinicians on staff who collaborate with our clients to create intuitive solutions – apps that work across mobile and desktop solutions and improve user efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.

Cerner Patient Experience

Cerner EMR patient portal allows patients to be more involved in their own care. The Cerner EMR client portal is linked to the EHR and gives patients access to their entire medical records.

Patients can use safe communications to reserve or change consultations, view diagnostic data, request prescriptions, update details, and send files to their providers.

Doctors can share credentialed, evidence-based data with their clients on more than 3,000 topics through the portal.

Top Alternatives

Meditech EMR

Meditech EHR is a cloud-based digital health record platform that provides a management solution for hospitals and clinics, whether you’re a single practitioner or run a large-scale healthcare facility.

Outpatient care, emergency treatment, primary care, general and specialty practices, outpatient and inpatient facilities, outpatient surgery centers, and other ancillary services, such as research, technical training, and public health, are all supported.

Meditech HER, irrespective of size or difficulty, can be implemented in a matter of weeks and easily incorporated into existing processes.

Given its strong and flexible architecture, the solution is robust, adaptable, and responsive to meet the requirements of each customer.

Meditech HER ensures that patient data is recorded and managed in an efficient, effective, and secure manner.

The system is built to meet the needs of small and community hospitals while also allowing you to work from multiple locations.

Overall, Meditech HER is a fantastic solution that you should consider as one of your options.

Eyefinity EHR

Eyefinity is a cloud-based software solution that automates the documentation process in the healthcare industry.

Its patient portal uses an integrated dashboard to help manage patient records, including consultation scheduling and billing, in order to improve staff productivity and accuracy.

It helps ophthalmologists and other multi-specialty professionals prepare telehealth video tests depending on user trends and configurable templates for a faster charting experience.

To know more about Eyefinity EMR including Eyefinity EHR cost, you can schedule an Eyefinity EHR demo. 

Allscripts EMR

Sunrise EHR by Allscripts is a solution for medical centers that provides a client dataset and documents for better management.

Doctors, nursing staff, and other medical providers can effectively manage the client experience across the care continuum with this single centralized patient record, which simplifies interactions between collaborative care members and provides increased clinical functionality.

From registration to discharge, an intuitive tablet-based user interface provides a familiar and reliable experience.

Sunrise HER is a single source of medical information that is available to all doctors across the care continuum, such as lab results and clinical findings.

Sunrise EHR also comes with a business intelligence platform that allows for real-time data analysis and reporting, as well as toolkits that help physicians optimize documentation so they can spend more time with their patients.

Intergy EHR

The Intergy Electronic Health Records system provides users with a straightforward, simple, and effective way to access information both in and out of the office.

This online health record software is designed for today’s health care providers to make managing patient care, collecting data, and adhering to Meaningful Use guidelines simple.

Intergy provides a platform that makes it simple to give patients online access to their records, allowing physicians, staff, and patients to collaborate more effectively.

Patients who have access to their medical records are able to take a more open role in their own well-being, but only if they want to.

Intergy EHR aims to encourage clients and suppliers by allowing them to control the flow of data between them and their healthcare providers.

Enhancing your practice and supplying quality care to your clients takes just a few clicks with Intergy EHR, not months or weeks of in-house work.

Sevocity EHR

Sevocity EHR is a cloud-based clinical solution built from the ground up by doctors. It allows you to implement EHR without having to stress about technical or financial obstacles.

The solution provides a user-friendly system that allows you to have complete control over your information while also providing advanced functionality such as client engagement tools.

The software is customised to the practice’s needs, is user-friendly, efficient, and affordable, which is a great function of this solution.

Sevocity’s superior customer care and support set it apart from other EMR systems. Clinicians can spend more time caring for patients and less time doing paperwork with Sevocity.

Clinicians can concentrate on client care while staying on top of paperwork thanks to a suite of tools for managing the entire patient lifecycle.

The completely integrated system improves communication among employees and streamlines the processing of insurance claims.