How Long is Weed Good for in a Ziploc Bag?

You know that feeling you get when you open up a fresh bag of vacuum-sealed bud? 

The scent tantalizes…the suspense builds…and you basically become a human version of Pavlov’s dog. Except with cannabis, not dog treats. 

The opening up weed that’s been stored in a Ziploc bag, however, is a whole different story. How long is weed good for in a Ziploc bag, you might ask? This article is designed to answer exactly that.

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How long will weed stay fresh in a Ziploc bag? 

The short answer: several weeks.

The long answer: it depends on what you consider to be fresh!

Storing your weed in a Ziploc bag can hurt its scent, its flavor, and even its appearance. How? Well, your weed’s scented-out terpenes will be the first thing to lose their freshness.

Many of these terps evaporate at room temperature — that’s why cannabis is so fragrant. But they’ll also evaporate right out of any container they’re placed in if said container is not totally sealed.

And as far as appearances go, the electrical charge of plastic Ziploc bags can wreak havoc on your bud’s delicate trichomes. 

How long before weed loses potency?

Depends what you mean by potency. While terpenes and other flavor-filled compounds can lose their strength in just a few days, the good news is that your weed’s THC and CBD will stick around for a long time. 

How long? As luck would have it, the United Nations has looked into this very issue. Their researchers have found that weed loses THC in a somewhat linear fashion, with the biggest losses happening in the first year:

  • Weed has lost about 16% of its THC after one year
  • Weed has lost about 26% of its THC after two years
  • Weed has lost about 34% of its THC after three years
  • Weed has lost about 41% of its THC after four years

You heard it here first: cannabis is basically a natural survival food. 

All jokes aside, these stats are just general guidelines. Your results will probably vary. Heat and light tend to speed up weed’s “aging process,” while cold and darkness tend to slow it down. 

Some people go so far as to keep their bud in the freezer. We wouldn’t recommend that unless this bud was designated for making edibles or concentrates. 

Do Ziploc bags keep weed fresh?

Long story short…not really. Terpenes and other volatile molecules can easily escape from your average Ziploc bag over time. Some terpenes evaporate faster than others, meaning the strength and flavor profile of bud stored via Ziploc can also change over time. 

And then there’s the problem of light degradation. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are sensitive to light and heat. (On the bright side, CBD may be slightly more resistant to heat than THC. That’s just one more reason to opt for CBD-rich flower.)

You know how premium olive oils are kept in dark glass? Yeah…there’s a good reason for that! Premium CBD flower should also be kept in a dark container — or in a cool, dark place.

We’d encourage you to look for a cannabis brand that reflects these realities and treats its bud with care. 

How long can weed last in a pill bottle?

Now that we’ve covered how long weed is good for in a Ziploc bag, it’s time to look at another common practice: storing one’s weed in a pill bottle. 

This is actually quite the step up from the Ziploc method. Pill bottles are close to airtight, plus their rigid structure ensures your trichomed-out weed won’t get smushed.

Weed that’s been stored in a pill bottle can stay fresh for several months. Actually, it’ll last even longer than that, if you’re okay with some flavor losses. 

There may also be a little bit of positive psychology at play if you choose to go this route. Why not replace your pharmaceuticals with medical-grade buds?

After all, cannabis use has already been associated with reductions in opioid use and the use of other prescription drugs. Even hemp-derived CBD has been found to have a similar “opioid-sparing” effect. Why not portray your bud for what it is by keeping it in a truly medical-grade container?

All in all, storing your stash in a pill bottle might be passable. But we still think your CBD flower deserves better. 

Thankfully, there are indeed better options. We’d suggest keeping your weed in a rubber-lined mason jar — you know, the kind with the tighten-able latch on top. Buying your CBD flower from a brand with resealable packing is also a good call! And if you are looking for weed delivery in San Francisco you can check the Pantry to have a quick delivery.

Summing Things Up

Now that you know how long weed is good for in a Ziploc bag, proceed accordingly. All you cannabis connoisseurs might just want to invest in a mason jar or two.

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