Joan Jett Without Makeup – A Whole New Look!

Joan Jett is a singer, mostly referred to as the frontwoman of her band called Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

She sings Rock n’ Roll songs and has a strong belief that even girls can sing songs in this genre.

She has always left people stunned with her talent, especially with the songs she released in the 1970s and 1980s. She is an inspiration for teens and her fans because of her cool and interesting personality. 

Even being the center of the band, she never put much effort into her appearance. However, her eyeliner is her signature look which everyone loves.

There are some pictures of Joan Jett without makeup that you should see so you can get how pretty she is. 

Top 5 Joan Jett No Makeup Pictures

Celebrities without makeup look different, but not Joan Jett because she has natural features which do not get hidden with makeup. However, if you would like to see her bare-faced appearance, you should tag along.

Young Joan Jett

Young Joan Jett

This picture is from the early 70s when Joan first started her band. She looks like any other young girl from that time and her face is makeup free.

It looks wonderful to see such a fresh look from a Rock n’ Roll artist, but it’s Joan we are talking about. She knows how to make herself appear innocent.

This is definitely the Rock n’ Roll Look

This is definitely the Rock n' Roll Look

This is the face of someone who looks like she belongs to a punk band, which is partially true. You can see her signature liner on her lids and waterline, but apart from that this is her natural beauty.

This picture is probably from the late 1990s or early 2000s. Her hair shows that she likes experimenting with new hairstyles, but maybe she should have gone with a simple bob instead of making it like this.

Joan Jett a Fan and Her Bandmate

Joan Jett a Fan and Her Bandmate

In this picture, Joan Jett appears to be at right, and her bandmate at left. This hairstyle of hers can be recognized from afar but we can see she has some lipstick and eyeliner on.

Still, it is not much of a look and she almost looks without makeup. Her bandmate looks happy meeting the fan, but we cannot say this about Joan, can we?

A Recent Picture of Hers?

A Recent Picture of Hers?

Recently, Joan Jett shared a picture of hers saying that she is just Joan Jett, not a boy or girl. Most people always speculate about her gender, but Joan Jett refuses to say anything about it.

This is Joan Jett’s no makeup picture where there is no hint of makeup on her. Her face looks puffy though. Is it because of a lack of sleep or something else? 

It’s a Natural Look For Sure

It's a Natural Look For Sure

This is from a shoot Joan did for promotional stuff, but apart from her eyeliner, there is no makeup on her face.

She has a natural beauty that a lot of people lack. One of Joan Jett’s facts is that she also does some acting, but she should be a full-time actress because of her looks. 

Final Words

These were Joan Jett no makeup pictures. She is beautiful, with and without makeup. She also has immense talent too so we shouldn’t look past that.

Now that you have seen Joan Jett without makeup, what do you think of her? Is she better for Rock n Roll or should she try something else out instead?