Kimberly Guilfoyle Without Makeup: Fresh Faced Look

Kimberly Guilfoyle was a former television personality, who then joined politics and became a member of Republicans later on. She served as an advisor to Republican President Donald Trump.

She also became America’s first lady when she was dating Donald Trump Jr. on and off from 2018 to 2021.

In between her very prominent and hectic career on television and in politics, she always worked hard in maintaining her personality. 

Kimberly gets groomed up always whenever she has to attend a meeting or a hearing at the court but there are also some moments where she was spotted makeup free. So now we must put forward some pictures of Kimberley Guilfoyle without makeup. 

Top 5 Kimberly Guilfoyle No Makeup Photos

Kimberly Guilfoyle knows how to look good, and the proof is in the photos from different political and television events.

She knows how to maintain her personality on television, but she is also familiar with the political dress code and always tries to follow it. Kimberly Guilfoyle no makeup photos are an absolute sight to simp over!

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Being Flawless In Her Office 

Being Flawless In Her Office 

Formal business attire and glasses on her face, Kimberly is rocking this look. We can see how she has minimal makeup on her face and has a natural look.

She seems pretty much like a boss lady, with her confident stance and posture. Who cares if she is an attorney or something because she mostly looks like a model more than anything else. 

Not Much Makeup on Kimberly 

Not Much Makeup on Kimberly 

Even though in this picture Kimberly Guilfoyle has some makeup, it isn’t anything like her regular makeup looks. Her glasses are quirky and the application of lipstick is kind of old school.

But yet, she is nothing short of gorgeous. Most women in politics are old and gray, but Kimberly has proved all of them wrong by setting an example that a lady in politics can have a bold and pretty personality too.

Too Much Contour?

Too Much Contour?

Well, that’s too hollow for cheeks but maybe that’s what Kimberly likes. This picture was taken when she was attending an event of some kind, and maybe someone did her makeup in a hurry.

That’s the only explanation for her boring eye makeup and too much contouring. The gloss on her lips is also a bad choice, and her hair isn’t properly done. She was definitely going for a no-makeup look, but it turned out to be a disaster.

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Looking Gorgeous With Her Ex Husband

Looking Gorgeous With Her Ex Husband

Kimberly Guilfoyle is with her ex-husband in this picture and she is looking absolutely gorgeous makeup free.

The smile on her face is her actual beauty as we can see she isn’t wearing any makeup. Maybe she has just a little bit of lipstick on her lips, but other than that her natural beauty is mesmerizing. 

Hunting With Ex Husband

Hunting With Ex Husband

This picture of her is with her ex-husband too. She seems rather excited to shoot a gun with her makeup-free face, and she looks tan too.

Her eyes are still covered with black eye makeup, which is making her look unkempt. It’s all her choice, but maybe now is the time that she should change her makeup artist and beauty consultant.

Final Words

Not everyone can rock the no makeup look, but Kimberly Guilfoyle without makeup looks gorgeous. Yeah, she surely has some bad days too where she isn’t looking too well-groomed.

But she should get a free pass for it because she is doing all the hard work in politics and now she is in the public eye as Donald Trump Jr’s fiance too.