12 Most Googled Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Laser Body Hair Removal – Benefits, Procedure & Side Effects by Oliva Skin and Hair Clinic

How permanent is laser hair removal?

When hair follicles are removed from the root, then there are chances of it lasting long. Besides this, it depends on the person’s hair growth cycle that how permanent will be laser hair removal. 

Is it worth getting laser hair removal?

Whether it is worth getting laser hair removal or not varies from person to person.  One of the factors that goes into it is its cost. Some people think that it is not worth levied on it, while others may find it desirable because it is long-lasting.

How painful is laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal uses high heat laser beams for removing your hair follicles from the root. Some patients complain of slight discomfort during the procedure, but usually, it is not as painful as people expect it to be. 

How long does hair laser removal last?

On average, laser hair removal can last up to two years. But along with this, you need several maintenance sessions to keep it going for long. 

What happens if you don’t shave before laser hair removal? 

If you don’t shave your hair before availing of laser hair removal treatment, it can cause burns on your skin. There can be small temporary grazes on your body, and also, the treatment may prove to be ineffective. 

What happens if you wait too long between laser hair removal?

If you wait for long between laser hair removal, your hair follicles won’t be damaged properly, and hair growth will continue to surface. Your results will fade, and your normal hair growth will be back. 

Can I shave in between laser treatments?

The answer is yes; you can shave in between your laser treatment. Any hair that may grow between the treatment can be shaved right away. You will feel the need to shave after two-three sessions only. 

Will hair grow back after laser hair removal? 

The progress rate of laser hair removal treatment depends on several factors. The results will vary from person to person. The factors that play a deciding role in laser hair removal are: position on the body, skin type and complexion, overall health, density of hairs, and aftercare. 

Will you see results after one laser hair removal treatment?

Yes, there are immediate results even after the first session only. You can enjoy a hair-free look even while undergoing the treatment. Much of your hair will fall out within a few days of the treatment only. 

Why did my hair grow back after the laser?

It happens primarily due to the hair growth cycle. There is some stubborn hair growth that remains unaffected by the treatment and can make it’s way back to you after the treatment. 

Does laser remove hair immediately? 

No doubt that the treatment is quite useful, but it might take a couple of weeks for the results to become clearly visible, but it does wipe out all the unwanted hair. Also, there is fine hair growth after the treatment. 

How do I get the best results from laser hair removal?

To ensure the best results from laser hair removal treatment, you need to follow certain guidelines. For instance, you have to shave before availing of the treatment. The next thing you can do is never miss any session of the treatment as it can prove the treatment ineffective. 

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