List of Safe Face Washes That Can Use During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is filled with excitement and joy, but elements are certainly far from exciting. Conditions like fatigue, nausea, and backache keep rotating endlessly, and there are skin problems for pregnant mamas.

Dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and sudden acne flare-ups- you are not the only one experiencing these. And the best thing is to follow a good skin care regimen that will revitalize your skin all over again.

And as you might already know, a good quality face wash is the basis of great skin.

So, start looking for the best pregnancy face wash without further ado. 

Your SAFE Pregnancy Skincare Routine + Acne Hacks | The Budget Dermatologist by The Budget Dermatologist

Face Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes changes to the skin, especially facial skin. Here are a few tips to take care of your face to keep the healthy pregnancy glow intact:

  • Drink lots of water every day to cleanse the body of harmful toxins. Also, include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. It will help your baby and make your skin look beautiful and energized.
  • Waxing is not recommended during pregnancy as increased skin sensitivity can make the process more painful. It is better to use the Revitol Hair Removal Cream, which is 100% pregnancy safe. It does not contain harmful chemicals that cause skin irritation.
  • Be gentle on your facial skin, especially when washing and drying it. Must-have products for your regular skin care regimen during pregnancy include a soap-free pregnancy face wash, oil-free moisturizer, and organic sunscreen.

Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care Brands

There are a sea of pregnancy-safe skin care products across the market, some of which are:

  • The Spoiled Mama
  • Belli Skincare
  • Erbaviva Organic Skincare
  • Earth Mama Organics
  • Beauty Counter

List of Safe Face Washes to Use during Pregnancy

Looking for the best pregnancy face wash can be difficult, so here’s a list of safe face washes during pregnancy:

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub

This is a softening, detoxifying facial scrub with French Green Clay and Sea Kelp as its active ingredients. Filled with antioxidants and plant extracts, this sulfate, paraben, petrolatum, mineral oil, and formaldehyde-free face cleanser works great for pregnant mamas.

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

This is a foaming face wash filled with organic ingredients like brightening sugarcane, soothing aloe, cleansing surfactants, and moisturizing rice seed. It does not contain any bad stuff and is thus highly recommended as the best pregnancy face wash.

Belli Skincare Anti-Blemish Facial Wash

With tea tree oil, chamomile, and colloidal sulfur, this anti-blemish pregnancy safe face wash is perfect for the ones struggling with pregnancy acne.

It is difficult to give up on your regular skincare routine during pregnancy, but it’s a phase when you will do anything to protect your baby.

On the brighter side, you can use this list of safe face washes during pregnancy to glow with confidence knowing that you have made a healthy choice for your little one.


How can I clean my face during pregnancy?

What face wash can you not use when pregnant?

During pregnancy, you must not use a face wash containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, phthalates, and hydroquinone.

Can I use simple face wash while pregnant?