Nikita Dragun Without Makeup: Some Exclusive Looks

Nikita Dragun is a YouTuber but is primarily known as a makeup artist and model. She has the looks and charms of a famous person and that’s why she is well-known on Instagram.

Her looks aren’t the only thing that makes her good enough for social media, she has all the skills too that a makeup artist needs.

After every few weeks, Nikita reveals a new look of her which leaves her fans in awe. She likes to look unique and that’s why she does everything in her power to have as much makeup on her face as possible.

If you are here to see Nikita Dragun without makeup, you shouldn’t get too excited because only a few of her no-makeup pictures are available on the internet. We can only show you some of them.

Nitika Dragun No Makeup Looks

Let’s just see how Nitika Dragun looks without makeup. She doesn’t like to show herself without makeup in public but after some digging, present you with the following Nitika Dragun without makeup pictures:

Such a Glowy Face

Such a Glowy Face

This is the picture of Nitika without makeup that she posted on her Instagram account. Her face looks so glowy and shiny in this picture. That’s what Nitika wanted her fans to see.

She wanted to let her audience know that this is Nitika dragun’s no-makeup look. She also shared her struggles about not posting her pictures without makeup on social media. 

Look At This Sun Kissed Face

Look At This Sun Kissed Face

This picture of her Nitika Dragun without makeup and a wig is from when she was filming a video for her YouTube Channel.

She isn’t wearing any wig and we can see her shiny brunette hair. She is a sight for sore eyes, with or without makeup. 

A Tired Selfie?

A Tired Selfie?

In this picture, Nitika looks tired and poorly. There isn’t any makeup on her face, and her eyes look puffy. Everyone has their low days, and maybe this was one of Nitika’s.

We just hope that whatever she is struggling with gets passed sooner because, by the looks of it, it doesn’t look too good.

Final Words:

A pretty lady like Nitika Dragun looks amazing without any makeup too. Nitika Dragun without makeup looks stunning.

She is a real beauty who knows how to pull herself off without any makeup or wigs. We are looking forward to seeing more of her no-makeup looks.