6 Reasons to Wear Your Birthstone

Precious and semiprecious gems for centuries have symbolized more than just elegance and sophistication. Besides being utterly gorgeous and colorful, these seemingly exquisite stones have a unique ability that characterizes your personality. 

Alongside your zodiac sign, birthstone gems can absorb earth’s energy, succumb to genuine natural powers and give the wearer healing properties and numerous spiritual abilities. If that’s not convincing enough, read on to discover other flabbergasting reasons why you should wear or carry your specific birthstone.

What’s your birthstone by Speaking Tree

1. They protect against negative outcomes

Even in ancient times, March’s birthstone Aquamarine is known to have protected the wearer from the dangers of the deep ocean. Likewise, the magnificent November’s yellow topaz, which was believed by the Egyptians to be derived from the sun god Ra, gives you uncontrolled energy and strength. 

Whereas, July’s ruby protects its wearer from evil. Throughout history, many people have reported that wearing the birthstone gem would help the wearer stay protected from various menaces and dangers.

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2. They help channel positive vibes

If you are feeling down or stressed out, simply try resorting to your birthstone. For peridot, the birthstone of August, people have always reckoned that besides protecting against nightmares, this stone elevates your mood, alleviates exhaustion, depression, and helps you triumph in challenging situations. 

This green delight has positive healing effects on the liver and heart. Above all, they make iconic jewelry, no matter if you opt to wear it as a pendant or ring – they’ll look magnificent. You can learn everything you need here about other peridot’s abilities and its amazing jewelry combinations.

3. They possess unique healing properties

For years, people have used the dazzling power and energy of the birthstones to relieve themselves from aches and pain. Wearing your birthstone either in the form of a pendant, ring or bracelet will help you combat certain mental, spiritual, and even physical issues. 

Emerald, for instance, the birthstone of May, has fantastic healing powers for the hearth, blood, pancreas, lungs, and eyesight. This gem also assists in improving your immune system, increasing physical stamina, and aiding with depression. Similar is with December’s gemstone, turquoise. When worn consonantly as a bracelet, it’s said to detoxify the blood and even absorbs negative energy.

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4. They help release from stress and infuse a calmer attitude

When you feel agitated, stressed, and nervous, having your birthstone always with you like in the form of jewelry, will help you become spiritually calmer and mindful. Topaz soothes the wearer against any stressful situations, it restores the mental balance and harmonizes meticulous emotions. September’s blue sapphire possesses the same characteristics. 

This “wisdom stone” is known to emotionally and spiritually bring balance to a person’s life, and at the same time make the wearer feel mentally calmer and serene.

5. They contain joyful energy – bringing you happiness and boosting creativity

Two red, fiery birthstones ruby and January’s red garnet, strive to give the wearer creativity, courage, and joy. Both precious stones promote love, bring strong relationships, and promote commitment and fidelity.

This is vital to always being enriched with happiness and joy. The same is with topaz, as this gem opts to give the wearer truthful guidance and everlasting friendship.

When you incorporate these gemstones into jewelry and wear them all the time you will certainly enrich your body with the positive energy and powerful thoughts needed to succeed in life.

6. They utilize wisdom, empathy, and optimism

October’s opal gemstone is a wonderful stone that besides its remarkable beauty and grace, it’s also a known culprit to giving the wearer power of optimism, love, and passion.

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Turquoise is another gemstone that will help you get entangled with wisdom, empathy, and optimism, all of which are necessary for future life prospects. Another gemstone that is said to strengthen the bonds of friendship and promote empathy is the pearl.

Even though Jun’s pearl is an organic material rather than a gem itself, its properties are equally effective in bringing positive vibes and optimism.

Each birthstone is unique and special on its own, and most effective when worn accordingly. Always have your birthstone by your side and your life will become utterly revived.

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