When moving during COVID, you’ll need to plan every step of the process and minimize any uncertainty.

Moving is always a complicated process and can require roll-with-the-punches and organization, but you can reduce your risk by removing as much uncertainty as possible.

Doing a mental walk-through of the moving process can help you avoid issues. It’s also a good idea to sign important documents either by phone or pen.

Moving During COVID-19: How to Move Safely

Socially Distance from the Movers

Socially Distance from the Movers

Whether you’re planning a move within a city or across the country, you need to be proactive in protecting yourself from the deadly COVID virus.

The virus can be transmitted through the air, so keep a six-foot distance from any infected person during your move.

Although you cannot completely avoid touching your movers and the people around them, it’s best to keep a distance of about six feet from the moving crew.

During COVID, it’s important to follow sanitation guidelines and use face masks and gloves. Additionally, make sure that windows are open and have running water available, for hand washing.

Provide Hygiene Products for Your Movers

Provide Hygiene Products for Your Movers

The best way to help your movers stay healthy during a move is to provide them with hygiene products.

They will need hand sanitizer and paper towels on hand to prevent any possible illness or spread of infection.

It is also a good idea to leave soap and paper towels near the sink and hand sanitizer near the door. Make sure to inform your moving company if they will need these items so they can bring them with them.

It is important to remember that moving during a pandemic is not ideal, but it’s important to do what you can to minimize the spread of illness.

While moving is stressful, it is still possible to keep the spread of COVID virus to a minimum by making sure your movers have all the supplies they need.

Wear Masks and Gloves

Wear Masks and Gloves

Protecting yourself against COVID is essential if you are going to be in close contact with people who might or might not be infected.

Wear face masks and gloves, wash your hands often, and stay as far away from other people as possible. These precautions should be taken whether you are indoors or outside during COVID outbreaks.

If you’re moving during COVID, you should also consider hiring a moving company that has a license to operate in your area.

Some cities have been quarantined by local authorities, so make sure to check with the building management to find out if there are any new moving restrictions.

If you aren’t sure whether to move during this outbreak, wear gloves and masks when you can.

Using face masks can significantly reduce the spread of the disease. It’s also essential to dispose of used face masks properly.

Clean as You Pack

COVID-related moving and cleaning require more attention to detail and preparation than moving at other times of the year.

The first step is to make a checklist of everything you intend to move and sanitize and clean all of your household goods.

You may also want to de-clutter your belongings and discard any items that are no longer needed. Once the list is complete, you should dust and wipe down different surfaces to keep the possible spread of infection to a minimum.

During COVID, you should use soap and disinfectants on all surfaces and personal items. This is especially important during packing because you will come into contact with boxes that might have been contaminated by someone with COVID.

To minimize this risk, choose a moving company that will finish the packing process at least 24 hours before the date of the move.

In addition, ensure that the moving company has sanitized all boxes before the move. You should also make sure to wash and disinfect all individual items before the move.

Don’t Use Free or Recycled Moving Boxes

If you’re relocating during COVID, you may want to avoid using free or recycled moving boxes. While these boxes may be cheap, they’re not always sanitary.

We know that coronavirus can survive for up to 24 hours on cardboard, which is why it’s best to use new moving boxes. You can buy new boxes at a self-checkout or any office supply store.

Another option is to check out the safeboundmoving.com website. We create a secure foundation for your upcoming move using fresh boxes and sanitized packing supplies.

Our local movers adhere to safety regulations and wear masks and gloves.


Because of the coronavirus outbreak, regular activities in the United States and other countries have been suspended.

Though it’s best to keep your distance unless advised differently, there are times when you just have to make a change – and a move is one of them.

Contact Safebound Moving & Storage to see if it is possible to relocate during a pandemic, and how to do it within CDC guidelines.