What Do You Need To Know About Feminized Seeds?

Most Cannabis users use it for several purposes. Cannabis works perfectly in many mild health conditions.

It can provide benefits like reducing stress, creating a sense of relaxation, helping with headaches, etc. Cannabis is a popular recreational drug in many countries.

Some people also consume it as medical marijuana. These consumption processes require smoking or vaping the product.

For medical purposes, always seek professional medical advice before trying out any remedies. Keep in mind, though, that marijuana use regulations will vary depending on the state you live in. In Pennsylvania, for example, recreational use is not allowed, therefore, you will need to consult a marijuana doctor who can inform you on how to get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania.

If people want edibles from cannabinoids, they still need potent products with THC or Cannabidiol content.

Only the female Cannabis plant is high in THC and other cannabidiol content, and thus, it is more desirable than its male counterpart.

A few decades back, the Cannabis plants were always half male and half female. It is the female plants that we require to make cannabinoid-rich products.

In the 1990s, the Cannabis revolution brought a drastic change in the Cannabis industry by introducing Animal cookies with feminized seeds.

This process is to obtain photoperiod plants. Photoperiod plants are plants that bloom based on daylight or dark hours.

The plants from the feminized seeds require special breeding techniques. Let us discuss what we should know about these seeds and why we should use them.

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What Are Feminized Seeds? 

Sometimes, Cannabis plants go through a breeding process that yields only female strains from the plants. The product is known as feminized seed.

These Cannabis plants are genetically- altered to create just bud-bearing female Cannabis plants. It is crucial as only female plants yield flowers to consume.

Female Cannabis plants only consist of male and female characteristics. Female plants produce flower-bearing effects. The male plants have pollen sacs and thus, are not suitable for reproduction.

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These plants are named hermaphrodite, as they carry both male and female characteristics. The term hermaphrodite denotes that these pants show intersexuality.

These plants start to generate male flowers so that these flowers can pollinate the already present female flowers.

This way, the plant ensures that its lineage continues even with adverse conditions. Many Cannabis growers use colloidal silver to achieve this same transformation but artificially.

It modifies the seeds physically to guarantee that all the further ones will become feminized. 

What Are The Benefits Of Feminized Seeds? 

The benefits of these seeds are:

Guaranteed Female Plants

The most crucial benefit of growing feminized seeds is getting rid of any guesswork regarding the gender of the plants after harvesting.

Usual growing procedures cannot guarantee that all the plants will be female. As a result, farmers throw away most male plants, and the harvest becomes low.

A feminized plant is more potent, and when the seeds go through this process, the harvester can get a productive garden. 

No Requirement Of Sexing Of Plants

Most growers have to wait till the plants are grown to find out the gender of the plant. A male plant in the presence of several female plants can be harmful to the entire harvest.

This situation is not ideal as the female flowers may go through pollination and get filled with seeds. As a result, they lose all of their potency and become useless to the growers.

Better Genetics

Using feminized seeds is one of the best ways to obtain a much richer harvest from the plant.

Since the breeders can control the genetic information of the plants, it is more likely that feminized seeds will provide a much better harvest. Diverse genetics give more attractive, flavorful, and aromatic plants.

Zero Chance Of Pollination

There are no male plants in the growing area, the chance of the male plants pollinating the female plants is zero.

The growers have complete control of the breeding, and they can get what they paid for from the seed instead of having to eliminate almost half of the grown plants.

This process saves time, effort, cultivation materials, and money.

How To Buy The Right Feminized Seeds? 

If a grower is looking for the best quality of feminized seeds, they should always choose a reputable dealer to ensure they get the grade they are paying for and have no losses.

Choice of the feminized seeds depends on the effect one desires. Gelato 41 seeds from Zamnesia are a great option for some of the finest-quality buds

One can keep a few tips in mind. Before buying the right feminized strain, some things to for are-

Looking For Reviews And Information

Before purchasing any feminized seed, it is wise to look for the reviews of the item. Reviews can give a buyer much crucial information regarding the plants they will be growing.

Not every strain of Cannabis will produce the same effect on people. Hence, it is wise to do some research and find out the potential influence of one variant.

Asking for recommendations from old users of feminized seeds can also be a helpful idea. They will have first-hand experience of any strain, and they will know the extent of its effects.

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Affordability Of The Seeds

Some feminized seed types can be rare to obtain, making them costlier than many others. Hence, one must fix their budget before deciding on the strain.

They should look for a type that will fit into their specific budget.

Method Of Growing

The grower wants to grow the plant indoors or outdoors is entirely up to them. Hence, before buying any feminized seed, they must look for a convenient option for their growing method and research it.


Many places have a restriction on how Cannabis is legal to grow at home. Most growers also prefer to have small-scale cultivation. Hence, it is necessary to utilize the full potential of the plants.

One cannot let half of the plants go to waste because of their gender. Again, the entire harvest may become waste and produce only seeds if the male plants pollinate the females.

Therefore, feminized seeds are the best way to deal with such and ensure that growers can get the maximum out of their harvest.

More growers are drifting towards feminized seeds with time. All they require is some patience and proper growing techniques.