Benefits of Eating Slate Pencils

Eating slate pencils may be a strange habit, but it’s one that’s been around for a long time. People have been eating them for centuries.

And the way they’re prepared for consumption has changed very little. Today, people are eating slate pencils to cure their ailments. 

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to the idea of “eating slate pencils,” a practice that has been used for thousands of years by people worldwide, including in China, Japan, and Europe.

The practice comes from the idea that eating slate pencils can help the body get rid of toxins and make it healthier overall.

However, scientific evidence says the opposite. In this article, we will evaluate the practice of eating slate pencils for health benefits and what actual effects it can have on your health.

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Why do I want to eat slate pencils?

Why do I want to eat slate pencils?

There are many reasons why people eat slate pencils. Some people eat them to detoxify the body and purify the blood.

Others eat them because they believe that the practice improves the health of their immune system. Others eat them for cosmetic purposes.

Some people eat slate pencils because they think it helps them lose weight. Still, others eat them as a way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Medical science explains the urge to eat any non-food item, such as a slate pencil. The disorder is known as Pica.

Pica is related to nutritional deficiency, a desire to eat unedible things like chalk, ice, clay, toothpaste, or paper.

What are the benefits of eating slate pencils?

What are the benefits of eating slate pencils?

Slate pencils are made of a mineral called slate. They are used for writing, but they are not edible.

However, some sources claim the nutritional benefits associated with the intake of slate chalk due to its composition.

Slate pencils contain minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, and silica. In addition, they have other nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and manganese. 

People have been eating chalk as a calcium supplement to strengthen their teeth and bones.

Some use it to reduce their epigastric symptoms like indigestion and heartburn, and some use it as an alternative to weight loss medications.

It is also a home remedy for constipation, anemia, diarrhea, fever, high blood pressure, rheumatism, sore throat, skin diseases, and toothache.

This is to be noted that the benefits of eating slate pencils mentioned above are not study proven.

There is no medical proof to back these claims, and people have been practicing the acts their forefathers have told them to do since ancient times. 

Are there any benefits of eating slate chalk in pregnancy?

Experts have reported various dangerous side effects rather than benefits of consuming chalk while pregnant. The consumption of chalk may cause diarrhea, cramps, bleeding, and abdominal pain.

One can experience nausea, vomiting, and other digestive system disturbances, leading to dehydration that might cause life-threatening consequences.

The use of chalk may also cause the formation of kidney stones and sores in the digestive tract due to its water insolubility.

Chalk can cause severe complications if consumed during the first trimester of pregnancy as it exposes the fetus to high amounts of metals like lead and carbon.

The drop in hemoglobin has been associated with the intake of chalk, which is hazardous for pregnant women and unborn babies. 

What are the other effects of eating slate pencils?

Regular eating of slate chalk causes harmful effects on the body, like excessive urination, dizziness, vomiting, constipation, abdominal cramps, and weakness.

In rare cases, one can develop kidney stones, abdominal pain, and severe diarrhea. All these problems are caused by iron and calcium, which are in higher amounts in chalk and can damage your body.

Such metals are hazardous to your body and can even cause adverse health effects.


The most common misconception about using chalk is that it is good for the body. This is a fallacy, and chalk is harmful to the body.

We need to ask ourselves whether we should trust people who say that detoxification and nutritional supplementation are one of the benefits of eating slate chalk or whether we should take into consideration the scientific facts available in the literature.