6 Benefits of Microblading

Microblading has become a popular choice for creating perfect brows.

Whether you have thinning brows, lost your hair due to illness or just want to create a fuller look – microblading is an accessible option for no-maintenance, natural looking brows.

If you’re considering microblading, you may be wondering what the benefits are compared to various other brow products and procedures, so let’s take a look.

Microblading Process step by step by Its Laura Mranda

What is Microblading?

First, what exactly is microblading? Microblading is a type of tattooing but does not involve the use of a tattoo gun.

Instead, semi-permanent ink closely matching your eyebrow or hair colour is put into the skin using a small handheld tool that contains many tiny needles.

The tool is designed to allow the brow artist to create a wispy, natural, hair-like look.

The procedure itself may take a few hours and the results will be the most prominent just after having it done. Over time, most will find that the ink will fade, fairly naturally, requiring touch ups to maintain the desired look.

Benefits of Microblading

While microblading may seem like a bit of an investment, there are tons of great benefits to it, especially if you’re someone that spends a lot of time perfecting their brows.

Saves Time

While you will have to commit a few hours upfront to have microblading done, the amount of time it will save you in the long run is immeasurable.

Depending on your current brow routine, it will at the very least shave 10-20 minutes off your morning routine – every day.

Additionally, you won’t need to touch up your brows throughout the day, or spend time going to the salon to have them tinted and shaped.

Long-Lasting Natural Looking Results

If you ensure that you find the best microblading near you and see an experienced microblading professional, one of the biggest benefits to microblading is that the results are incomparable to any other brow technique and they will last years!

Microblading gives you a much more natural look to eyebrow makeup, tinting, etc and lasts years longer than tinting or shaping techniques.

On average you can expect your microblading to last about 2-3 years before you need a re-do. However, you may require some quick touch ups here or there, but that depends on your personal preference.

Not Painful

Unlike traditional tattooing and permanent makeup techniques, microblading isn’t painful. At most, some people will report very minor discomfort but overall it’s a painless procedure.

This is especially beneficial for those who may be more sensitive to pain, or larger needles.

Perfect Looking Brows

Let’s face it, you can spend hours working on your brows and never get them to match or look anywhere near perfect. Microblading, however, helps you achieve near perfect looking brows.

Since the procedure is tailored to your specific eyebrow shape, colour, and preferences it can help you achieve that perfectly manicured brow look that you’ve been after.

The best part? Your brows will be flawless no matter what – swimming, sleeping, running a marathon? There’s no need to worry about reapplying your brow makeup, they’ll stay perfect no matter the circumstance.

Saves Money

Microblading isn’t cheap, and for some, is definitely something to save up for but when you really break it down, you’ll save tons of money in the long run.

Microblading means you no longer have to spend money on expensive brow products and in most cases they will seamlessly blend into your existing eyebrow shape meaning you’ll be heading to the salon for a wax or threading less often (if at all).

Keep in mind that microblading lasts years, so the savings definitely add up.

So while it may seem like a bit of an investment, if you spend a lot of time and money on your brows and it’s something that gives you a boost of confidence, it’s worth it in the long run.

Gives Back Something Lost

For many people battling cancer or other illnesses, losing hair – especially eyebrows – can be devastating.

Eyebrows are a prominent feature on our face and help with expression, losing these can really impact the confidence of someone dealing with illness.

Microblading is a way to give back something that they’ve lost. Microblading’s technique allows for natural looking eyebrows, even if there is no existing hair.

This means that those that have lost their eyebrows have the ability to “regain” them in a way that looks good.

The best part is, if they have lost their eyebrows due to chemo or other conditions where the chance of hair regrowing is possible, microblading will not interfere, in fact, it may help the brows look fuller and better as they grow in.


While microblading may seem like a bit of a fad that’s just come into popularity in recent years, there are considerable benefits to the service. This includes helping those who have lost their hair due to illness, saving time and money.

If these benefits appeal to you, microblading may be the right service for your needs, but always ensure you seek out an experienced professional.