18 Most Googled Laser Skin Treatment FAQs

Laser Skin Care treatments are getting popular all over the world. Here we have shared 18 most googled questions regarding laser skin care treatments.

Lasers have been used in skin treatments for quite a long time now. The main reason for utilizing lasers is the level of non-invasiveness they offer and the effectiveness of results.

You get the desired results without going under the knife and laser skin treatments are less time-taking as well. The high success rate of laser skin treatments has made them popular among the public which is why people are now searching about laser skin treatments.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment: Procedure, Reviews And Results

Here in this article, we will discuss 18 most searched laser skin treatment FAQs on Google. Also, we will try to answer them according to the latest information available. 

Laser Skin Treatment FAQs

So, let’s begin without wasting any time. 

Is laser treatment good for skin?

Yes, laser treatments are very beneficial for skin and are great tools for treating various skin problems. For example, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, sagging skin and tattoos can be effectively treated with lasers without harming the skin.

Apart from treating skin problems, lasers also improve the health of the skin by stimulating collagen production. In the field of dermatology, lasers are referred to as the skin-resurfacing modalities that utilize the power of light and heat to improve the tone, texture and color of the skin. All the FDA approved laser treatments yield beneficial results for your skin. 

How much does laser skin treatment cost?

It depends on the type of laser skin treatment you are having. There are a variety of laser skin treatments and their costs also vary. For example, laser skin resurfacing can cost almost $1,963 for ablative lasers and $1,201 for non-ablative lasers. Similarly, the average cost of laser hair removal starts from $285 per session based on the size of the treatment area and the time required. This laser treatment is performed in sessions so the cost depends on the number of sessions as well. On the other hand, laser tattoo removal can cost around $463 that can vary depending upon various factors. 

Is laser skin treatment permanent?

The longevity of the results also depends on the type of laser skin treatment you are getting. If you are getting laser skin resurfacing, its results will last for several years but they are not permanent. However, if you are getting laser tattoo removal then it offers permanent results and the tattoo will be removed completely. Whereas, laser hair removal offers semi-permanent results. You will require touch-up sessions to retain the results. 

What does skin laser treatment do?

Every laser skin treatment works differently. Laser skin resurfacing is the most popular facial rejuvenation procedure used to treat various skin conditions. It works to improve the appearance of skin and corrects facial flaws. It can be performed in two ways either with ablative lasers or with non-ablative lasers. The ablative laser skin resurfacing removes the damaged outer layer of the skin and heats the skin layer beneath.

As a result, the production of new collagen fibers is stimulated which makes the skin smooth and tighter. However, non-ablative lasers do not remove the epidermal layer of skin. Instead, they increase the collagen growth which improves the tone and texture of the skin.

Is laser harmful to skin?

Usually, all the lasers that are used for skin treatment are skin-friendly and approved by the FDA therefore considered safe. However, lasers can harm your skin through photochemical or thermal burns. It depends on the wavelength of the laser being used. Some of the common side-effects of laser skin treatments include burns, injuries due to heat, scarring and changes in skin pigmentation. 

 Which skin laser treatment is best?

Even though every skin laser treatment is beneficial in its respective ways, laser skin resurfacing is the best treatment to address common skin conditions. It removes sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, acne scars and many other aging signs that appear on your face. It rejuvenates your skin and gives it a youthful appearance.

However, it is not necessary that one laser skin treatment is effective for all individuals. You must consult with your dermatologist to get the best-suited laser treatment according to your skin conditions and type. 

Is laser treatment good for wrinkles?

Yes, laser treatment is the most effective way of treating fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The laser skin resurfacing procedure reduces all the wrinkles and blemishes that appear on your facial skin due to aging. It is a simple and short technique that directs a concentrated beam of light at the skin and removes the epidermis revealing a new and healthy skin layer. 

Is laser treatment for face painful?

It is not that painful. Patients and doctors usually compare the sensations felt during the laser treatment as a rubber band being snapped against the skin. It is tolerable so the treatment may not hurt. To keep the patients comfortable during the treatment, the laser therapist might apply a numbing cream to the skin before using the laser.

What you feel during the laser skin resurfacing treatment also depends on the laser being used, treatment area and its depth and the pain tolerance level of the patient. 

How much does face laser treatment cost?

As mentioned above the cost of face laser treatment in the USA ranges from $1201 to $ 1963 for non-ablative and ablative lasers respectively. Here we would like to clarify that this price range is for facial laser skin resurfacing treatment. 

In the UK, the cost of laser skin resurfacing is almost £635 for half face

In Canada, the cost for a full face laser skin resurfacing is almost $300 per session

In Australia, the price can range from $450 to $1450 per session.

How often should I get laser facials?

If we talk about laser skin resurfacing, you will not have to get further treatments once you have achieved your desired look. The results of fractional laser treatment can last for up to 8 years which means you don’t have to get it quite often. Similarly, you don’t have to undergo CO2 laser resurfacing regularly to retain results. However, you can get it after 8 years if you feel that the results are fading away. 

 Does your skin peel after laser treatment?

Yes, if you are getting laser skin resurfacing through ablative lasers, your skin will peel. It is because ablative lasers are wounding lasers, they cause the epidermis layer of skin to peel off so that the heat can penetrate the dermis layer. The skin becomes dry and peels away for almost 5 days to 1 week after getting the laser skin resurfacing treatment. It is normal and part of the recovery process so you should not panic. 

How many laser resurfacing treatments are needed?

You will not achieve the desired results in just one session of laser skin resurfacing. Therefore, the majority of the patients need to get 3-4 sessions of the laser skin resurfacing to get the optimal results. These sessions are scheduled with a gap of one month so that the skin can recover and heal properly after each session. This gap is necessary to ensure the smooth recovery of skin and the provision of successful results. 

What can you not do after laser treatment?

It is necessary to follow the instructions given by your doctor after getting a laser treatment. It helps you in recovering fast and getting the optimal results. However, every laser treatment has its own aftercare instructions.

If you had laser hair removal treatment then you should avoid excessive sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. You should avoid exercise for 48 hours. Also, do not scrub or apply pressure to the skin. 

However, if you had laser skin resurfacing then you should not pick or scratch the crusts after the treatment because it leads to scarring.

What should I put on my face after laser treatment?

Your doctor will suggest you apply Vaseline to the treated area immediately after the laser treatment. You should apply it thoroughly to cover all the lasered areas. Moreover, you can also use ice packs to reduce discomfort or swelling. The most effective thing that you can put on your face after laser treatment is the cold pack. 

How long does it take for brown spots to fade after laser?

When you undergo Intense Pulse Laser treatment (IPL), there is a chance for the darkening of brown spots that may appear in the treated area. It is the most common side-effect of IPL treatment. However, it takes 7-14 days for the brown spots to fade away. 

Can I drink alcohol after laser skin treatment?

Definitely not. You should strictly avoid alcoholic beverages after getting laser skin treatment because they increase the narcotic effect. Alcohol after laser treatment is a deadly combination because it delays and interferes with the recovery process. Therefore, an individual must refrain from alcohol for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. It will help you in recovering quickly and smoothly after the laser skin treatment. 

Can I put moisturizer after laser treatment?

Yes, you can apply a gentle moisturizer to your skin immediately after getting the treatment. Keep using the moisturizer for a few days before getting back to your normal skincare routine because it keeps your skin healthy. You should opt for the moisturizers that contain alpha-hydroxy acids because they are effective especially after a laser treatment. Apart from moisturizer, you can also use aloe gel that relieves the redness during the initial 24 hours. Avoid using any anti-bacterial lotion because it can lead to dryness. 

What do you use after laser?

You can use aloe Vera gel after the laser treatment for at least 3 days. Also, apply an ice-pack to eliminate the pain, swelling or discomfort. Use sunscreen with SPF 50 and zinc for two weeks after getting the treatment. It protects the treated area from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In addition to this, you need to keep the treated area clean and dry for at least 48 hours. You cannot get the desired results if you do not follow the instructions provided by your doctor. Therefore, pay heed to everything your doctor says. 

The Bottom Line 

Mentioned-above are some of the most Googled questions about laser skin treatments. And it is very important to know the answers to these questions because you should know each and everything about a procedure before undergoing it.

The purpose of writing this article was to provide you with the answers that you need the most. Here, you will find every concern addressed properly and in detail. Just make sure that you consult with an experienced laser and skin specialist to get expert advice.

You can discuss all your concerns with your doctor before the procedure so that there is no ambiguity left. 

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