10 Benefits Of Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins

In this polluted world, maintaining your hair, nails, and skin is quite tricky. Not only air but also in food, scientists are finding harmful chemicals that are running our health. In this situation, taking vitamin supplements for hair, skin and nails has become a must now.

Let us see the benefits of hair skin and nails vitamins in the below section in detail. 

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What Vitamins Are Good For Hair Skin and Nails?

There are few vitamins in nature that boost the quality of your skin, hair, and nails upon taking regularly. These are Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A.

Needless to say, all of these are present in milk, fruits, green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, and meat. 

Unfortunately, when your body cannot metabolize these vitamins from ingested foods or when the food intake is not healthy, vitamin deficiency can happen.

It leads to damage and poor growth of skin, hair, and nails. Luckily, for such people, there are vitamins on the market in the form of supplements. Let us see the name of those products:

  1. HUM nutrition killer nails supplements 
  2. Nutrafol’s women hair growth vitamin supplement
  3. Ritual: Essentials for Women
  4. Runner Up: Olly Undeniable Beauty Hair, Skin and Nail Gummy
  5. Sports Research 5000 Mcg Biotin Supplements with Coconut oil

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Hair, Skin, And Nail Vitamins?

We are sure that you are eager to know the benefits of hair, skin and nails vitamins. Yes, we are also as excited as you to explain these. However, before consuming any vitamin products, one should learn their possible benefits. Apart from nails, skin, and hair, they usher goodness in many other vital body organs. Here are ten benefits:

  1. They are a key to healthy and shiny hair. Voluminous hair can be achieved from the vitamins mentioned above. 
  2. If you take the correct vitamins, the problem of split ends in hair will vanish.
  3. The burning problem among both women and men these days is uncontrollable hair loss. Biotin works wonder when it comes to weak hair roots.  
  4. These vitamins provide an effective cure for broken, brittle, discolored nails.
  5. Many of you may have faced small white patches on nails. Those are the most prominent signs of vitamin deficiency. Hair, skin, and nail vitamins efficiently remove those spots. 
  6. Another nail-related complication that many people face is oddly shaped nails, and vitamin deficiency is solely responsible for this. Biotin-based vitamin products can help your body grow nails in perfect shape. 
  7. Damaged and dull skin can be changed to glowing, supple skin through vitamins.
  8. They also reduce inflammation on the skin as well as other forms of skin issues, including infections, acne, breakouts, and others. 
  9. These products can also treat fatal skin diseases such as Eczema, dermatitis, etc.
  10. Additionally, you gain an internal strength that makes you stay fit overall with good hair, glowing skin, and strong nails. 

Vitamins For Hair Growth And Clear Skin

Now, who does not want knee-length, thick, lustrous hair? Generally, every person out there struggles nowadays with thin, damaged, rough hair with dull skin. We understand your concern, and that is why we have mentioned some reputed vitamins in the market for hair and skin. 

  1. Oziva Hair Vitamins 
  2. HealthKart Multivitamins with Multi minerals, Amino Acid and Taurine
  3. Nutristart hair and skin vitamins 

All these supplements are rich in essential vitamins and micronutrients that volumize hair along with making skin glow. Furthermore, it is advisable to go through the ingredient list before taking them to match your body’s suitability. 

Vitamins For Nails 

Biotin is the primary vitamin required to strengthen brittle, damaged nails. It belongs to the Vitamin -B-complex group and is knows as Vitamin B7, Vitamin H, and coenzyme R. Frankly speaking, nails and hair vitamins have more or less identical properties. So to keep your nails healthy, strong, and shiny, you can try these vitamins from the market:

  1. HealthKart Biotin 10000 mcg
  2. GNC Women’s hair, skin, and nails tablets
  3. Oziva plant-based bioton 

When To Take Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins?

There is a regime for each vitamin supplement.  The timing for consuming these vary from one product to another. Generally, take the product orally once daily as per the recommended dosage 1-2 hours after or before meals on an empty stomach. 

How Long Does It Take For Hair, Skin And Nail Vitamins To Work?

By now, you have known the names of the topmost vitamin supplements for hair, skin, and nails in the market. So the next question that must be arising to your mind is the Duration. 

Please note that these skin and nails vitamins do not produce desirable results overnight. It takes an extended period from months to years to show results. None of the vitamin additives would start exhibiting noticeable effects before six months. 

If your skin is not healthy from within, the world’s most expensive foundation will not work. Similarly, your scalp is not similar to that of Ark video game that you can grow hair whenever you wish and create Ark hairstyles.  

So have patience after starting a vitamin regime. However, the most crucial factor here is sticking to a single product. If you keep hoping across multiple vitamins, you will not receive a single benefit. In addition, you may suffer from dangerous side effects. 

The Bottom Line 

We hope that the benefits of hair skin and nails vitamins are clear to you. But, do not forget to consult a physician before giving it to the pregnant woman or lactating mother. It is because they already go through numerous hormonal changes, and consuming external supplements might be fatal for their body.