Fingernails Turning Yellow? Here’s How to Fix it

There can be various reasons which might cause the fingernails turning yellow. It can happen due to the regular consumption of certain foods, which tends to leave a permanent mark on your nails.

Besides, nails turning yellow can also be the result of some physical problems. They are also considered a symptom of something as serious as jaundice. There are people, especially women, who like to design their nails. These days, yellow nail ideas have become a trendy fashion. 

However, the problem with yellow nail designs is that you won’t figure it out if your nails start turning yellow naturally. If you are planning to design your nails with colors, there are multiple different other options available. 

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What causes nails to turn yellow?

As mentioned, there can be different causes which might turn the nails yellow. Two of the most common ones are food habits and specific physical issues. If you are worrying about why are my fingernails turning yellow, here’s why your nails could turn Yellow.

  • Food Habits: As mentioned, if you consume certain foods regularly, it can make the nails yellow. 
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is one naturally yellow spice. Eating food that contains too much turmeric daily, can cause yellowing nails. 
  • Soda: Soda contains sodium, which turns yellow when it comes in contact with air. If your nails come in contact with the mixer daily; in that case, the chances are quite high that you would have yellow nails. Those who work as bar attendees experience; for them, it is a widespread occurrence. 
  • Chemicals: There are foods, fast food, which contain different types of chemicals. These chemicals can cause the deposition of fungus underneath your nails, which over some time, would result in yellow nails. Chemicals are the primary reason for the growth of yellow mildew on nails. These yellow fungus can prove to be very harmful, as they can result in decaying of pins, if not taken care of at the right time.

These are some of the common foods and food items responsible for the yellowing nails if you consume them regularly and find out that your nails turned yellow, with yellow fungus. In that case, it’s time for you to take care of it. 

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How to whiten yellow nails

If you have yellow nails and desperately looking to whiten them, then there are different methods available to help you. The following tips might come handy!

  • Using denture cleaner regularly can help you get rid of your nail’s yellowish color and whiten them.
  • If you have yellow nails, in that case, applying baking soda or hydrogen peroxide daily package help you get rid of them
  • It has been proven that using lemon juice on the yellowed nails can prove very useful for getting rid of the spots. You can also use soapy water, which would gradually eliminate the yellow color and whiten your nails.
  • Applying white vinegar is another natural way of getting rid of the yellow tint from your nails. White vinegar has proven to be very useful in removing the yellow stain marks, which form underneath the fingernails over a while. 
  • Scrub your nails regularly with dark-colored nail polish, but don’t forget to remove the nail polish with a remover. 

These are a couple of tips on how to whiten yellow nails. As you can see, all the processes are quite simple; however, they need to be continued over some time to get results. If you are embarrassed about your nails and have yellow marks and stains on them, then the steps mentioned above can prove quite useful. 

Taking care of nails

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It would help if you took care of your nails. Wash your hands properly after every meal, and make sure to avoid chemicals. When it comes to taking care of your nails, you need to ensure that you are using the right procedure. If you are not confident in yourself, then the best thing is to visit a specialist. They can guide you on how to take care of your nails.