Best Nail Shape For Big Hands

Everybody is beautiful in his own regard; it all depends on how much you know about your structure and body shape. As far as large hands are concerned, so here are a few slightly different best nails shape for big hands, these shapes are not difficult to craft, as long as you know the shape of your fingers. 

Those who have fat or chubby fingers want an elongated look, so any nail shape which can make their nails look long and thin will work. The following are some fantastic nail shapes which are perfect for big hands. 

Creating the perfect nail look is important for the appearance, but without the necessary preventive measures it can all result into a disaster, be wise enough to take care of the tools, and the accessories used for the nail shaping. 

Sterilize the tools and sanitize your nails to avoid any nail fungus infection during all this. Otherwise, you might not get to shape your nails for at least 6 months.   

How To File Your Nails | Almond, Oval & Squoval by Nailed It NZ

Almond nails

Almond nails for big hands

Almond nail shape is the trending one. It is elegant and gives your nails a more feminine look, making them more attractive. As the name suggests, the almond nail shape looks like an almond. 

Creating this shape is a bit tricky for the beginners who are not very expert in shaping their nails. You are supposed to make an almond like slanted tip of your nails, which should not be a sharp one, it is a soft look. 

As far as the color is concerned, applying nude colors will give it a more elegant and luxurious look with a touch of glossy shiner. 

Squaoval nail shape for big hands and long fingers 

Squaoval nail shape for big hands and long fingers

The squaoval nail shape as the name implies is a blend of square base and the oval top. If you have big hands with long but chubby nails, then this can be your go to nail shape. 

You need to give it a square shape but with the soft edges, it must not look like the sharp edged square shaped nails. 

Stiletto nails

Stiletto nails for big hands

Do you want it a bit bold? Try the stiletto nail style. It is sharp and bold. Best nail shape of different occasions and parties, the most suitable nail color for stiletto nails. 

The pointed top of the stiletto style will give an entirely different look to the nails. It is a bit hard to get it right especially for the beginners, seek some expert’s help when you want the perfect stiletto shaped nails. 

Oval shaped nails for big hands and small fingers 

Oval shaped nails for big hands and small fingers

Some girls have the baby like hands, they are big, but the fingers are chubby. They can go for the oval shaped nails. 

The soft oval top will give your nails an elongated look, making them look much better and more mature. Not like the baby hands. 

Coffin nails shaped

Coffin nails shaped for big hands

It is also like the squaoval, but here the tips are a bit sharp, they are no very soft like an oval shape nail. It will make your hands look thin, and long. 

Anyone who has big hands can try it, as it is also trending. Depending on your nail size, you can have long or short coffin nails. 

Frequently asked questions 

What tools do I need to make oval shaped nails? 

Can I shape the fungus infected nails? 

It depends on the condition of the nail, if it is too dry, and brittle then first treat the nail fungus with fixnailsfungus methods. When it is nearly back to normal, then and only then shape the nails. 

Can I use the same nail shaping accessories every time? 

Yes, you can. However, do not use the dirty accessories. It will spread nail infection. Wash and sanitize the tools every time you use them. 

Are square shape nails good for the big hands? 

No, it is not the best nail shape for big hands. You can try the coffin nails or the oval nails instead of the square nails. They look great on slim fingers. 


The nail shapes mentioned above are some of the best nail shapes for big hands. You can do variation as we believe there can be a slight difference in your hand’s structure. 

However, keep in mind that the sole purpose will be to make your hands look long and slim.