Pros and Cons of Acrylic Nails

In the current fashion vogue, maybe there is no other style as trending as acrylic nails. Regardless of whether you need a sensational look or need to keep it simple, there is just a single fashion trend nail art to follow.

Though your first experience may differ from others, You may feel uncomfortable at the first go. But no worries, this article will provide that minute detail of acrylic nails which everyone should know before setting any wrong notion about it. 

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Plus Points To Choose Acrylic Nails – Pros

  • The key thing that makes acrylic nails better over others is its durability. The advantage of its hardness is generally attractive for womens who struggle the most in maintaining the nails. 
  • Acrylics are so solid that they have less breaks and lifting issues. Womens are often complaining about breakage of nails while doing household chores, by acrylic nail art complaints of breakage will be solved. 
  • It’s acrylic magic which transforms your dull and chapped nails into amazing nails. It’s the smart idea for covering up the nail issues. 
  • Women who have habits of chewing nails would consider the solidness of acrylic nails as pro because who would not try the option of avoiding bad habits which comes with a prettier outcome. 
  • If ever it gets damaged, no worries cause it can be mended at home with proper tools. Extra salon visits are not required for fixing the damage.

Bad Things About Acrylic Nails – Cons

  • Risks for infection are involved as with acrylic nails our hand washing habits become improper which invites bacterias and germs to cause infection.
  • It requires proper maintenance. You may look gorgeous with those nails but they will restrain you from certain activities. Especially if you are guitarists you’ll not bear with such nails for long duration. Even in regular life few things like picking up any item or performing skincare activities will get complicated with such nail transformations. 
  • After all it is an artificial art; most of the time fake art looks cheap regardless of your high spendings. A well versed technician would be able to create acrylic nail art as precise as natural art, but finding such service is very tough.
  • Use of acrylic nails includes the various chemical substances that are allergic to many people. Sometimes the chemicals have a bad smell and could be harmful so start with the nails procedure in a good ventilated room only. People may find it irritative if they are sensitive towards chemical odour. 
  • The other downside to utilizing acrylic nails is that they can harm your nail bed whenever applied in the wrong manner and put on for a really long time. 
  • It’s a tedious and time consuming activity. Also, it requires multiple visits for refilling because your nails would not stop the natural growth. 

Know More About Acrylic Nails

These are, basically, nail upgrade items. They are fake nails overlaid on top of the regular ones to improve their appearance. They can be adjusted to fit the state of the nail, you can give the best shape and size suitable to your finger

It is a blend of two unique things: a fluid substance known as acrylic monomer and a powdered item, which is the polymer. The mixture of these two items creates a hard core layer over your nails. It gets hard over the long run.

The material and substances used in this art are transparent thus nail shines are generally added for additional glow and nail art is done on artificial nails in whatever style you like. 

They can likewise be effectively taken out whenever you want, and one doesn’t really require a specialist to fix acrylic nails; you can fix it yourself at your home.

The durability is the most attractive factor of choosing acrylic nails over others. Still, experts recommend changing your acrylics within eight weeks as it saves you from any nail damage. 

Nail Service Contribution In Salon Business

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Amongst all the nail services acrylics nail art has 17.9% share in salon business. Acrylic nails have been in the market for years; it has a notable share amongst the nail services.

Gen Z are by and large the bigger purchaser and furthermore a influencer on the widely used social media platforms like instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Pinterest. 

It is predicted that the worldwide nail care market will develop at a CAGR of 4.10% through 2021-2025. Nail care is perhaps the most developing area that has surged in the beauty sector over the past few years.

With the fashion trends of changing nail art suiting your OOTD (outfit of the day) gives a huge chance to the development of the nail market, however awareness of beauty trends are spreading recklessly via social media which increased the number of beauty conscious people in the target market.

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