Best Biceps Workouts for Women

It might not be the most common exercise for women but bicep workouts are rather important for “the weaker sex”. Namely, these muscles are used in everyday activities, so the stronger the biceps are the better quality of your life will be and you’ll look amazing too.

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Bicep workouts at home

Women’s bicep workouts can be divided into two general categories: bicep workouts at home and bicep exercises with dumbbells.

The first exercises don’t require a lot of space and gear, so they are suitable for home (and popular in Australia). However, the two categories can overlap in certain cases. 

Triceps dips

how to Triceps dips

You start one of the best exercises for shoulders by placing your hands shoulder-width apart on a chair (or a bench if you’re at the gym). Next, slide your bottom off the front of the chair with the legs extended in front of your body.

Now, straighten your arms while keeping a slight bend in your elbows in order to maintain tension on the triceps muscle.

Slowly bend the elbows and lower your body down until your elbows are perpendicular to the floor. Three sets of 8 to 12 reps are the standard.

Barbell curl

how to Barbell curl

A curl bar is a piece of exercise equipment that is easy to keep at home since it’s not too big and it’s easy to store.

You can use a curl bar for the barbell curl that starts by holding the curl bar down in front of you and adding weight if necessary (or possible).

During a barbell curl, your upper arms should be perfectly still as you bend the elbows and curl the bar toward your chest and shoulders.

At the end of each curb, the bar back slowly to its starting position and completely straighten your arms. In most cases, 3 sets of c. 10 reps will suffice.

Bent-over fly to triceps kickback

how to Bent-over fly to triceps kickback

Bent-over fly is an example of bicep workouts for women that can be done with dumbbells or without them. In the latter case, you stand with the knees slightly bent. With your back flat, hinge forward at the hips.

Now exhale and lift both arms to the side with slightly bent elbows, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Finally, raise your upper arms up again as if rowing, bringing them closer to your torso and parallel to the floor.

Apart from the triceps muscle, the bent-over fly to triceps kickback effectively works the posterior of your shoulder and back.

Bicep exercises with dumbbells

Bicep exercises with dumbbells

As you have seen from the example of bent-over flies, most exercises for biceps are performed with the help of dumbbells.

Although you can buy dumbbells in pretty much any gym store in Australia, it’s still cheaper to join a gym and flex your biceps there. 

Supinating dumbbell curls

how to Supinating dumbbell curls

Speaking of gyms, every lady in a typical gym will tell you that it’s essential you included forearm supination in standard curling exercises. Supination is important for achieving the best possible strength gains.

Most bicep workouts for women start with holding a pair of dumbbells at both sides of your body. The first step is to curl the weight up with one arm, all the while twisting the forearm. At the top of that motion, your palm should be facing the ceiling.

Be careful that your elbows aren’t flaring out too much. Otherwise, you should lower the increment weight you are using.

Dumbbell curls are performed on both sides of the body, first right and then left. Like all other exercises, three sets of 10 reps for each side should do the trick.

Dumbbell rear deltoid row

how to Dumbbell rear deltoid row

The next exercise including dumbbells starts in a standing position. Most bicep workouts start with a dumbbell in each hand but in a rear deltoid row, your knees are slightly bent.

You hinge forward at the hips, keeping your back straight during the whole movement.

With elbows by your sides, let the arms hang all the way down to the floor. Now, flex the elbows and “row” the dumbbells to the torso. During this movement, your shoulders should stay retracted.

The row should continue until the elbows are inside 90 degrees. In the end, extend the elbows back down, so the weight drops.

Wide biceps curls

how to Wide biceps curls

Wide biceps curls start like other women bicep workouts: you need to hold two dumbbells in each hand.

Then bring your elbows right up to both sides of your body. However, your forearms should be held out at a 45-degree angle.

Now bend your elbows without moving your upper arms to curl the weights back toward the shoulders. Finally, lower the weights slowly into the starting position.

The exercise is over when your arms are perfectly straight again. This exercise is a bit harder than the rest, so aim for 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

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