How Many Calories Does Rock Climbing Burn?

Are you looking forward to a strapping life? Some people decide to hit the gym, while others start with outdoor activities, jogging, basketball, etc. When it comes to building strength in muscles, outdoor sports such as rock climbing are pleasing to everyone. However, it is pretty infeasible to go to an outdoor space for rock climbing, primarily if you are residing in the city. Fortunately, you can access the same facility indoors with the help of climber machines.

Believe it or not, but this the perfect option for people who want some thrill in their workout routine. It is beyond treadmill and elliptical as it gets the adrenaline flowing. Do you know how many calories does rock climbing burn? It puts your entire body at work – muscles, thighs, back, arms, and burns 500-900 calories per hour. Sounds great, no? Alongside helping you get in shape within months, it saves time and money spent on outdoor rock-climbing venues. 

No one is willing to work out round the clock as people want quick results these days. The old school methods of weightlifting and cardio take time to wipe out fats. On the other hand, as you burn more calories in rock climbing, the fat-buildup will slowdown. If you are unknown to this incredible fitness tool, let us help you uncover some benefits. Have a look below and brace yourself to burn some calories.

Complete Rock Climbing Home Workout Including All Stats & Tips By Mani the Monkey

Does Rock Climbing Help with Weight loss?

Rock climbing has always been an incredible sport, but it is also one of the most renowned exercises. People are investing in vertical climber workout machines to go rock climbing from the comfort of their homes. It is a compact machine, meaning it can fit in any nook and corner of the house. It involves climbing up a cliff vertically and trying to get to the top with 12 levels of resistance.

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Thus, it is a pretty intense workout, helping burn up to 900 calories in an hour. Here we are unfolding some benefits of rock climbing to assist on this fitness journey.

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Builds Stamina

Before crawling on the machine, warm up your body a little. Rock climbing tends to draw every movement that a human body is capable of, which requires strength. Alongside strong fingers and arms, you need efficient footwork to climb up high. You might see this climbing workout as a piece of cake, but it pushes your body to the limits. Surprisingly, it can make a significant difference in climber’s endurance and stamina since it incorporates the entire body. Thus, you can complete other exercises in lesser time, letting you burn higher calories.

Strengthens Muscles

Rock climbing exercise uses every significant muscle group in your body. It challenges all the muscles in your arms and feet to keeping climbing up in the machine. Likewise, your abs work to keep you stable and maintain adequate balance. The core and back muscles support your upper body, helping you to push yourself up. As you will hold and lift your body weight for hours, it will inevitably make your muscles stronger. Alongside increasing physical performance, you can burn calories with rock climbing and live a healthy life.

Burns Fats and Calories

Everyone is eager to know how many calories rock climbing burns before giving it a shot. On average, people can burn 500-900 calories an hour, but it depends from person to person. If you want accurate calculation, use the metabolic equivalent – MET task formula. Once you get the value, multiply it with the number of minutes of your activity. It will tell you the exact number of calories you burnt.

Boosts Flexibility and Range of Motion

When you are pursuing rock climbing as a workout, stepping out of the comfort zone is necessary. It stretches your arms, builds foot coordination, and improves the range of motion in joints. As you climb up the machine, you will find yourself pushing the body through your arms, shoulders, and feet. It helps you become more flexible by consistently moving your body up and down.

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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding workout for rock climbing and its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rock climbing a good workout?

It is an incredible option for people who like workouts mixed with adventure and adrenaline. Whether you are climbing outdoors or on a machine – you will witness different muscles working. It might be astonishing to see how fast you can break a sweat when moving slow. Thus, rock climbing is not easy. Even if you have set the resistance level to lowest, your entire body will be making an effort to move up.

Research suggests that rock climbing burns 500 to 900 calories in an hour, but there is no exact number. Some studies also show that a person burns 8-10 calories every minute, making 600 calories an hour. Instead of believing these rough stats, you can calculate calories yourself. First of all, find the MET value of the activity. Multiply MET by your body weight in kgs and then again multiply it with 3.5. Divide the amount by 200 and determine the number of calories burnt per hour.

Indeed, rock climbing is challenging – both mentally and physically. Despite the intensity, climbing avoids any sprains that usually occur from high-impact activities – jogging. But does rock climbing burn fat and help with weight loss? The climb tests your body’s endurance, strength, and agility. You have to lift your weight on the arms that put every muscle at use. It puts pressure on your arms, stomach, lower back, thighs, and feet, making you sweat excessively while burning fats. Thus, helping you reach the peak fitness level while preventing workout boredom.

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If you are consuming more food than your body needs, the extra calories start turning into fats. Before this cycle completes, many people try to burn these calories, closing doors for fat buildup. Since everyone wants to burn as many calories as possible, rock climbing seems the perfect solution. Are you wondering how many calories rock climbing can burns? On average, you can burn 500-900 calories an hour, depending on your climb and route. Studies suggest that a person loses 700 calories while climbing up and 600 calories while climbing down, but there is not enough evidence to support this claim.

Every person has a different stamina and endurance level. On average, people can burn ten calories per minute of mountain climbers, but it is not the same for everyone. You might only be able to burn eight calories per minute as your speed is relatively slow. Therefore, try checking with the numbers because they are more accurate. As stats suggest, one mountain climber burns one calorie, meaning 100 can burn 100 calories. However, by increasing the intensity, you can even burn 120-150 calories.


Indeed, rock climbing is physically demanding, but burning 500-900 calories through any other exercise is impossible. Apart from that, it is also enduring and enjoyable from contemporary workout routines.