How to Get rid of Blue Grey Hair

While you may have liked your Blue or green, might be blue and grey hair, you’ve chosen it’s time for a change. You can always choose to go to a salon to get rid of the blue-grey hair.

Though you prefer to light the color yourself, then there are many methods you can try doing simply to find products, some of which you may already have. Whatever style you prefer, keep in mind that fading your hair color might be time-consuming.

My Hair Turned Blue, How do I Fix it?

Beneath is the method to fix your blue hair issue followed by specific steps: 

Removing Color with Shampoo

Rule if a clarifying shampoo will work for you 

Refining shampoo is the best way to fade semi-permanent dyes. Yet, if you used a lasting color, then using a clarifying shampoo may not be strong enough to make a change. This process will fade permanent dye, but it will consume time.

Get a clarifying shampoo

You will require to buy a clarifying shampoo that is not suggested for use on colored hair. This kind of shampoo will help to remove your hair from the dyed color. You will also require a conditioner.

This can also be on the more reasonable end of the conditioner color. Suave Daily Clarifying is the best shampoo to use. If your hair quality is dry or heavy, you should buy a deep conditioner that will produce your hair the nutritions it requires. You can also use an anti-dandruff shampoo. 

Mix some baking soda into your shampoo

Baking soda is a natural bleaching means, so mixing it with your shampoo can make the color removal method quicker.

Use hot water to moisten your hair 

Let the water be hot. Warm water opens up hair follicles and dermis, making them more sensitive to the color removed. Get your hair completely wet with the water before shampooing.

Foam with the clarifying shampoo 

Pour a quarter-sized quantity of shampoo in your hand and use it to your hair. Use tips of your fingers to give your head a good scrub. Remove off any extra foam, which should be the color of the dye you are excluding. Make sure your hair is completely covered in the shampoo, but do not wash yet. 

Clip your hair up

If you have short hair, you can drop it down. Put a bath towel around your arms that you don’t care about. The color will rinse on the towel.

Wear a plastic bathing cap on your head and apply heat

Be assured the shower cap covers all of your hair and perfectly fixes your head. Make use of a hairdryer to heat your hair, but take care not to hold the heat in one place for longer, or you could melt the plastic. 

The heat will let the shampoo to get rid of blue grey hair. If you don’t have a plastic bathing cap, you can use a plastic bag. Bind it around your head and guard the opening in the front with a clip.

If one’s available, you might also sit below a heated hair dryer. This will share the heat uniformly over your whole head.

Let your hair remain in the cap for 15 to 20 minutes

Once you have let it set down, soak your hair wholly with hot water. Wash your hair with shampoo two more times. After washing, use the shampoo every time. When you are done rinsing, the foam should only have a trace of dye removed.

Apply conditioner after shampooing

Clean your hair entirely with the conditioner, making sure your entire head is covered. If your hair is long enough, clip it up, unless you leave it down.

Use a hairdryer to heat your hair 

Once your hair is slightly dried, let your hair set for 25 to 30 minutes. Clean your hair with cool water so that the conditioner applied gets washed out.

Wash your hair with cold water

To close the hair, skins up, and wreck your hair with cold water. This will make sure that your hair holds the nutrients and mist it requires from the conditioner.

It would help if you observed that the color has lightened to about 2/3rds of what it was. Then rest for the day, and repeat the process on how to get rid of blue grey hair.   

What Color Cancels Out Blue Hair Dye

Toner, which can be utilized to cancel out blue hair dye, is an orange undertone or orange pigment as it is the opposite of the color blue in the color wheel.

Therefore, you can use orange hair color above blue-dyed hair if you want to cancel it. You can also change it or darken it, applying lighter or darker shades to get a different color than blue.

How to Neutralize Blue Hair

  1. Starting Base: Blue, Black, Green, White, Brown, Yellow. Ratios will be defined by the color to which you are matching. 
  2. Darken Black: Darkens but removes shine of Blue tone. 
  3. Brown: Darkens while dulling Blue Tone. 
  4. Lighten: White Lightens all colors. Will form a milky effect in higher amounts. 
  5. Yellow: Lightens very dark colors, gives the Green influence. 
  6. Tone: Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown Compensating: 
  7. If the color is Too Blue: Add a small amount of Black or Brown. Add a small quantity of White to repay the darkening impact. Green may also be combined to make a Green/Blue effect. 
  8. Too Yellow: Add a little amount of Blue or Black. Add some amount of White to recompense the darkening effect. 
  9. Too Green:
    1. Add a little amount of Red.
    2. Neutralize the darkening effect with a bit of White.
    3. Do not ignore the killing effect Black has on the shine of a color.

At times just adding Black and Grey will dull the Blue/Green tone.

Notes: Blue/Green is predominantly Blue with Green colors. Shading will usually be done using Black. Toning will be done using Yellow, Green, or Blue. A milky surface will create using higher amounts of White and neutralizing Black or Brown lightning impact. 


If you have before colored your hair, then it can only be colored into a darker shade. For dyeing it into a brighter shade, you require to use bleach.

A dye over dye cannot eliminate the dye but can be a better version than before. Therefore, this was the brief information to get rid of blue-grey hairWe hope the info has helped you and for more queries contact us.

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