Michael Jackson Without Makeup: His Actual Face Before Plastic Surgeries

Who right now in this world doesn’t know Micheal Jackson? He is a legend in pop music, even after his death. He is the epitome of success and talent.

He is still known as the ‘King of Pop’ because of the great contributions he made to pop music. Another thing that he is quite famous for is his plastic surgeries.

Born as a Black man, Micheal Jackson tried changing his color by doing different plastic surgeries. The outcome was shocking as it changed not only his skin color but also the shape of his face. 

If you want to see Michael Jackson without makeup, you have come to the right place because we are going to show some of the shocking reveals of the man who set several records for the musicians about to come after him.

Pictures of Michael Jackson Without Makeup

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Michael Jackson will always be known as a legend in everybody’s hearts. If you want to see Michael Jackson’s no-makeup looks, just take a look at this article until the end. 

Looks Like a Fans Meet-up 

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In this picture, Michael Jackson is posing for pictures with fans. He looks quite charming, no? His hair was truly loved by his fans and with plastic surgeries, he was even more beautiful.

It is so sad that he has passed away because he could still be as handsome as ever if he was alive.

Truly a Prince of Pop

Truly a Prince of Pop

This picture shows that Micheal has good facial features but he still went ahead and made them sharp. In this picture, he looks like he had a minor facial surgery because his face doesn’t look like his younger self.

he still has those soft features and a warm smile on his face. His curly hair was his identity which he never changes.

The Difference Is Shocking 

The Difference Is Shocking 

This picture shows the difference between Michael Jackson with and without makeup. The picture at the left is of young Michael when he was not trying to imitate a white person.

The picture on right is of Michael Jackson after surgeries and after makeup. What he did to his face was sad because we can see how pretty Michael Jackson was without makeup and stuff. 

Younger Michael Jackson 

Younger Michael Jackson 

This is Michael Jackson face without makeup. He hasn’t applied any eye makeup, and the tint around his cheeks seems like a natural blush. Who in the 1970s and onwards thought that this boy was going to take over the world with his soulful music.

Look at This Smile

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This is Michael Jackson without makeup. His smile is mesmerizing, and his hair looks so good on him. He was perfect in every sense, but once he started doing surgeries and makeup on his face, it all started to go downhill.

Michael Jackson will always be known for his looks and amazing music. It’s a pity that he had to go too soon. But his songs are still a great reminder of how beautiful a person he was, inside and out. 

It’s An Old Photo

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This is a photo of when Michael started doing music. He started growing his hair to look cool among many other great celebrities.

He doesn’t have any makeup on his face in this picture but it seems like his skin is still shining. It could be the stardom effect. One thing is for sure He is a star, and no one can compare to him.

Perfect Strands in Front of the Face

Perfect Strands in Front of the Face

The hair strand in front of his face is definitely a sight to see. Michael Jackson looks great without makeup, to say the least. This picture was taken during his album ‘Dangerous’ promotions in 1991. In this picture, he has pretty much transformed. But no transformation can beat Michael Jackson without makeup. 

It’s Definitely a Dermatological Treatment 

8- It's Definitely a Dermatological Treatment 

The tint around his cheeks is nothing other than a dermatological treatment that he was doing to alter the shape of his face. It’s okay if he wanted to look good, but changing his skin color shows that he didn’t even like his ethnicity.

Final Words:

Now that you have seen Michael Jackson without makeup, what do you think about his looks? Sharing an opinion won’t help anyhow because Michael Jackson is dead now, and saying something about his looks wouldn’t change anything.