Best Skincare Routine for Oily Acne Prone Skin

It is not surprising that acne is one of the main reasons that cause adults to change their skin care routine. Especially as you age, having a reliable skincare routine for oily acne prone skin is vital.

We look at how experts go about creating skincare routines for people with oily skin who often get acne even when they are past their teens. Making use of the expert tips given below, you can also find the best natural products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and serums for including in a skincare routine for oily skin.


Use a cleanser every day 

Using a cleanser every day is important if you want to mattify your skin and keep its pores free of excess oil. But before you include a cleanser in your routine, check if it is ideal for your skin type. The Natural Rose Cleanser is an excellent choice for an oily acne prone skin routine as it efficiently removes dirt, pollutants, and excess oil.

Natural ingredients in the cleanser include Rose Hip Seed Oil combined with seaweed extract. This advanced combination of plant-based ingredients gets rid of excess oil without stripping essential oils from your skin. The Rose Hip seed oil in the cleanser is also packed with skin friendly vitamins A, E, and C. These vitamins act along with fatty acids to increase collagen production and hydrate the skin. 

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Use a gentle exfoliant

While oily skin needs a cleanser, it does require a little more attention when it comes to a skincare routine. This extra attention to cleaning oily skin should be in the form of an exfoliant. When an exfoliant is used twice a week, it efficiently removes the millions of dead cells that the skin sheds every day.

One such mild exfoliant, which is ideal for use on the face’s oily skin, is the Natural Fruit Exfoliant. The exfoliant’s natural formula includes Jojoba Seed beads, which act as the main physical scrubbing agent. Even as the natural exfoliant removes dead skin cells and keeps them from clogging pores, the oil from the Jojoba beads along with strawberry oil protects the skin from environmental pollutants and moisturizes it.

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Get your toner to shine in a routine for skin care

Have you ignored toners in routine for skincare? If you have, do not worry as it is not too late to include them in a skincare routine for oily acne prone skin. A Natural Herbal Toner created with Witch Hazel extract is perfect for inclusion in a skincare routine for oily acne prone skin as it is formulated with plant-based ingredients.

This herbal toner provides the same benefits as alcohol-based toners but is milder. A toner tightens the skin’s pores and keeps dirt and oil from entering and creating clogs that cause acne.

Hydrate your skin with a serum

Many who have oily skin feel that their skin can do without moisturizer. This is a huge mistake in a skincare routine as all skin types…even ultra-oily skin needs moisturizer. When less moisturizer is used, sebum production goes into overdrive and results in oily skin.

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So, dermatologists recommend a light moisturizing serum be used by those with oily skin. A serum that contains Natural 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid is the top choice for those with excessively oily skin as it hydrates the skin’s cells by absorbing moisture from the surrounding layers and the atmosphere. This serum keeps the skin hydrated for a longer duration without adding layers of emollients or oil that clog pores. 

Enrich your skin with vitamins and treat blemishes

Providing your skin with a dose of vitamin C is essential as it boosts collagen production and helps heal scars caused by acne. Vitamin C also helps reduce inflammation caused by acne when applied to the skin. Using a Salicylic Acid infused Natural Blemish Treatment is also vital as it helps heal blemishes and acne faster.

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Most Common FAQs about Acne Prone Skin

What is the best skin routine for oily skin?

Creating your skincare routine if you have oily skin is the best option. But do not forget to use advice from dermatologists who often recommend the following routine:

  • Use a skin cleanser in the morning/evening.
  • Remove excess oil from your skin with blotting paper.
  • Eat a diet that is low in dairy products that worsen acne.
  • Ensure you use a serum or light cream to moisturize your skin every day after using a toner/cleanser.
  • Store your face masks in the fridge and apply it on your face when it is cool, as it will help reduce sebum production.
  • Reduce the amount of makeup you use, and instead opt for products made from natural ingredients and are silicone free.

How do I get rid of acne and oily skin?

What is the best cleanser for oily acne prone skin?