Things To Remember While Taking Off Fake Lashes (Do’s & Don’ts)

False or fake lashes are a boon for those who have always struggled with ineffective lashes. Their lashes have been inefficient in giving a fuller, darker, youthful look.

There comes the role of false lashes that don’t make their user underconfident due to their lashes. However, false lashes must be handled with care to make them long-lasting.

Moreover, there is a specific procedure attached regarding their application and removal.

In this article on things to remember while taking off fake lashes, we will discuss some helpful tips during their removal.

False eyelashes come in two forms, a full eyelash band, and single individual lashes. Both of them are equally popular and used worldwide.

However, many users prefer full eyelash bands to individual lashes because they are hassle-free. Individual lashes require more time and effort for application, but they merge with natural lashes pretty well.

However, both need to be removed properly. How is this procedure done? Let’s find out.

FALSE EYELASHES: Do’s & Don’ts | Everything you need to know for beginners

Things to Remember while Taking off Fake Lashes

Things to Remember while Taking off Fake Lashes

False eyelashes are usually made of mink fur, silk, and synthetic fibers. They differ in quality and price because of the types of fiber used to make lashes.

However, the lashes made of mink fur are considered to be of superior quality. They look like natural lashes but are not cruelty-free. Silk lashes are other amazing shiny ones that give a silky and smooth look.

Moreover, they are also cruelty-free. As Marilyn claims, polished acrylic lashes are usually heavier and less smooth than mink and silk lashes. They give a dramatic look and are also not lightweight.

However, they are pretty affordable compared to the other two lashes. 

Different Ways to Wear False Lashes

Different Ways to Wear False Lashes
  • Wearing a full lash band

This is the most common and widely used way to wear false lashes. To make the lash band more flexible, one can easily bend and flex it before putting it onto the eyes.

This will make the band fit onto the lash line pretty well.

  • Reversible lashes

 Another way to wear false lashes is to wear them on the inner side of the eyelid. This gives a volumizing yet natural look to the lashes.

If one wants to wear lashes in a reversible form, one needs to invest in lashes with the thinnest band so that it doesn’t pinch within the eyes.

  • Half-Half band

If you want to wear a full band but struggle with the application, cut it in half and wear it one by one. Trust me; it is the easiest way to wear a full band. 

  • Half-out lash

This is how to add volume to the outer lash line of the eyes. In this method, the lash band is cut in half, and the half portion of the band is attached to the outer lash line. It gives a wingy and fuller look to the lashes. 

  • Individual lashes on the lower lash line

 Individual lashes can be attached to the lower lash line and the upper lash line to provide a more dramatic and fuller look. 

Do’s and Don’ts while Applying False Lashes

Do's and Don'ts while Applying False Lashes


  • Trim lashes according to your lash line. It is a significant step to trim the lashes. Lashes come according to the maximum size of the lashes. However, the length of the lash line varies according to the individual.
  • Therefore, making them equal to your lash line length is essential to let them fit in perfectly. To do it, keep the false lash band on your eyelashes without any glue. See how much extra length is and cut it. 
  • Although this is a well-known step, a few individuals still don’t follow it. Always use false lash glue to apply them. Don’t apply them as it is.
  • It already has a little adhesive applied to it and remains attached to its box. But still, one needs to use them with the help of lash glue.
  • Moreover, remember to give the glue 5 to 10 seconds to take a grip on the lash. If you apply them directly, they will slip off the lash line.
  • Always place the lashes at the center of the lash line. Hold them upside down with the help of the tweezer and start adjusting them accordingly.
  • Please don’t leave the false lashes on their own after applying them.
  • Take a brush with a thin handle and press the false lashes towards the skin from the top and bottom of the lash line. This will ensure its longevity. 


  • Remember not to leave the lashes as it is without merging them with your original lashes. Apply a bit of mascara to merge both of them well. 
  • Don’t try to glue touch up the lashes if they get removed from your lash line. One might face a situation where false lashes lose their grip from the ends of the lash line.
  • In this case, don’t try to touch up the lashes with extra glue. This might damage your eye makeup, and excess adhesive might ruin the base. In such a case, one must remove the entire lash band and apply it again.
  • Don’t carry heavy false lashes with heavy makeup. Try to keep your lashes subtle when wearing a heavy makeup look. The other situation might make your eyes look droopy and sleepy. With heavy base makeup, individual false lashes will go on pretty well.
  • Don’t remove your lashes from the middle of the lash line. Permanently remove them from the end and clean and store them properly if they are reusable.
  • Remember not to pull your original lashes while taking off the false lashes.
  • If you find it hard to take your false lashes off, apply a bit of coconut oil as near to the false lashes and then take them off after 3 to 4 minutes.


False lashes are one such product that can make or break the whole look.

If applied properly, they can make one look stunning, but in the opposite situation, they can ruin the entire look despite flawless makeup.

Therefore, this article on things to remember while taking off fake lashes explains the do’s and don’ts with false lashes. Moreover, it clearly states how to remove and keep them safe if they are reusable.