4 Tips for Beating Afternoon Fatigue

Afternoon fatigue is exceptionally common. Many of us find that for an hour or two in the afternoon we’re tired, yawning, struggling to focus, and quite keen to get off for a lie-down. This is the natural result of a dip in our sleep-wake cycle, and typically nothing to worry about. 

But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t annoying. If you’ve got a busy lifestyle, suddenly being unproductive for an hour might be bringing you down.

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The good news is, there are a few things that you can do to beat afternoon fatigue and continue to work well and feel great until the evening – and they don’t all involve copious amounts of strong coffee! Here’s a look at some of the best. 

Eat More of the Right Things

Sometimes, an afternoon slump has an obvious cause – a big lunch. After a big meal, we often feel sluggish, bloated, and like we need a good nap.

This is because our bodies are overfull and working hard to process and digest what we’ve eaten. This is especially the case if you overindulge in carbs at lunchtime.

Changing your diet up can help you to feel more energetic all day long. If you skip breakfast or just have something light and fast, switch to a bigger, protein-filled breakfast like oats or eggs, which will keep you going for longer.

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This will mean that you don’t need such a big meal at lunchtime. 

Then, when lunch does come around, opt for lean proteins like chicken breast, and complex carbs like whole grains, which will boost your energy levels further.

If you crave something sweet, a fruit salad can give you a sugar boost, without the slump that you’d get after processed sugars and fats. 

Try and avoid eating a heavy carbohydrate meal at lunch, washed down with alcohol. This is guaranteed to leave you slumped on your keyboard by 3PM.

Keep Your Hormones in Check

Our hormones regulate a huge range of different things. Your hormone levels affect things like weight loss and gain, endurance, sex drive, and energy levels.

Hormone fluctuations can cause a massive range of different symptoms, and if you are suddenly experiencing more serious afternoon fatigue, your hormones might be the cause. 

Even normal levels of afternoon tiredness can be caused by your hormone levels, and many people find that using HGH for sale from licensed professionals can help. 

HGH is the human growth hormone. When we’re young, we have very high levels to help us grow quickly through childhood. As we get older, these levels start to drop off.

This can affect your weight, your energy levels, and a whole host of other things. Increasing levels of HGH in your body can be an excellent way to boost your energy levels and avoid an afternoon slump. 

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Take a Power Nap

As much as we’d love to, most of us don’t have the time or the opportunity to get back in bed for an hour in the afternoon. But have you got time for a 5-10-minute power nap? Could you train yourself to close your eyes for 5 minutes at your desk or in the car?

Even a very short nap like this can give you a big boost, and many studies show that actually, a short power nap is more beneficial than a long nap in the middle of the day. 

Some people are even taking this further with a coffee nap. They drink a strong coffee, then immediately afterward, sleep for a few minutes. The theory is that both the effects of the coffee and the nap will kick in at the same time, leading to a big energy boost.

Not everyone can manage to fall asleep on demand like this, especially after a drink, but those that do it claim to get some great benefits. 

Midday Exercise

Rather than eat lunch and surf the net for an hour, go out for a brisk walk before you start your afternoon. A dose of fresh air and physical activity can work wonders on energy levels, and the effects will last all afternoon.

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You don’t need to run 5K in your lunch hour – a short 20-minute walk at a reasonable pace should do the trick. 

Other things, like exercising early in the day, drinking more water through the day, chewing gum, and using essential oils can help too. If afternoon fatigue is bothering you, don’t just put up with it – make some changes to keep your energy levels high.  

If you feel more tired than normal, and not just in the afternoon, ask your doctor for a blood test to try and identify the cause.

Low iron levels, an underactive thyroid, and perimenopause can all impact our energy levels, and without some help, your fatigue won’t get any better.