Ways To Safely Lose Weight Working By Working With Health Professionals 

The quote, “No Man is an Island”, can be applied to many things in life, even in weight loss.

While it may seem to many that the journey to losing weight is a difficult and lonely one, there is help available for those who need it, and this support is through health professionals who can make the journey easier.

Collaborating with different experts can lead to a more effective and sustainable weight loss plan. 

Here are five ways to lose weight with the help of professionals:

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Healthy Eating Guidance

Healthy Eating Guidance

Having a healthy diet is one of the mainstays of weight management. Nowadays, many articles, guides, and how-to’s can help you create and follow a diet for weight loss on your own.

However, consulting a registered dietitian or nutritionist can give you more guidance.

Ask your primary doctor for a referral to a dietitian or nutritionist. These professionals can assess distinct nutritional and health needs, and devise an eating plan for you.

They can also help provide information on portion and serving sizes, create a list of recommended foods, and provide a rich source of scientific information about weight, diet, and lifestyle.

Customized Fitness Plans

Exercise is also another essential factor in managing weight. However, not all exercises are created equal. Certain exercises are advisable or better suited for some individuals than others.

In the case of people with chronic medical conditions such as weight problems, there may be considerations regarding abilities and specific health goals.

Professionals who specialize in creating custom exercise plans include personal trainers and fitness coaches.

Personal trainers focus more on exercise and workout techniques toward specific physical goals, while fitness coaches develop plans that integrate physical, mental, nutritional, and psychological strategies for building healthy habits. You can ask your provider for referrals for fitness professionals or opt for online coaching.

Medical Management

In some cases, weight loss may be complicated by other medical conditions. In these cases, one may benefit from proper medical guidance by doctors and healthcare providers.

Providers can evaluate for pre-existing conditions such as hormonal imbalances, metabolic issues, or physical disabilities that can make weight loss efforts more difficult.

Consult your health practitioner for assessment and diagnosis. If there are medical concerns to be addressed, tests can be ordered and treatment started.

If needed, medical professionals can also recommend prescription weight loss medication to jumpstart the weight loss and address biological factors that may be keeping you from your weight goals.

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health can be a factor in weight management. Some mental health disorders have been associated with increased risk for obesity or difficult weight loss such as depression, anxiety, or eating disorders.

Stress and burnout from work, health, home life, and relationships can also make it harder to lose weight.

Psychologists or therapists specializing in mental health disorders and weight loss journeys can be valuable in addressing these psychological hindrances, and advocate for your mental health.

While your healthcare provider can give you a referral to specialists, you can also go through weight management programs that have psychologists on board to help you.  

Behavioral Support

While health and fitness professionals can provide psychological support, they can also be a source of behavioral support in that they can help you make behavioral changes more easily. Support systems are of benefit not only in losing weight but also in maintaining weight loss as well.

Reach out to your team of weight loss professionals if you feel you need extra support. You may also check out some online or community support groups.

All the professionals mentioned above can offer not only their expertise in their fields but also their experience with troubleshooting problems, helping people stay on track, and providing encouragement.