Why Do People Choose Bongs? Exploring The Benefits

What is a bong, and how do people use it

Recently, many people have started to consume different types of substances and drugs. For instance, the usage of herbs and different types of cannabis has risen for the last couple of years. 

Smoking these herbs requires different products that will allow smokers to get the best user experience from the hit.

One of these products is considered to be a bong, which is also known as a water pipe since the product operates on with the usage of water.

Bongs are known to provide smokers with an aesthetic feel to smoke, and for that reason, the demand for this product has increased immensely. 

Since the demand has increased, companies that produced bongs started to increase the different types of bongs available for their target market.

In other words, traditionally, bongs were made out of plastic and had three parts; however, nowadays, when looking in the bong market, people will be able to find glass and ceramic bongs, with many other compartments that add to the quality of the product and increase the user-experience. 

However, before purchasing a bong, be sure to understand what different types of bongs and each of their different parts are useful for; by researching and understanding the attributes that each type of bong provides, you will be able to make a better investment, enjoy the smoking experience, and be satisfied by your purchase. 

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What are the different parts of a bong?

What are the different parts of a bong

Since each bong has different parts, it is important to understand what are the most necessary parts of a bong to be able to get the best user experience.

The water chamber is usually at the base of a bong, where people are required to fill the right amount of water, which will allow the smoke to cool before it reaches the smoker’s mouth.

The bowl piece is where people need to store the type of herbs they are going to smoke. Some people think that only certain types of herbs can be smoked using a bong – even though some types are more compatible with the device, it does not mean that others cannot be smoked using a bong.

Additionally, before filling the bowl piece with the herbs, it is important to grind them since it will allow users to get the most out of the flavor.

In addition to these pieces, some bongs have a carb, whose main goal is to filter the smoke that a person inhales, allowing them to get a better taste of the herbs.

Thus, the different parts of the herbs provide people with benefits while smoking with a bong, and it is important to understand each of the benefits before sticking to a bong. 

Advantages and benefits of using a bong to smoke:

Cooler smoking hits 

Cooler smoking hits 

Compared to other smoking devices, bongs are considered to provide people with a cooler smoking hit, which increases the quality of the smoke.

This is achieved due to the long tubes of bongs that allow the smoke to circulate inside the water chamber, which eventually allows the smoke to cool off. 

A more accurate taste of the herb

Most people tend to use a glass bong, which allows people a smoother hit due to the material that the pipe is made of.

In other words, when people use a glass bong, the smell of the previous herbs does not get stuck inside the tube and does not mix with the current smoking hit – allowing smokers to enjoy more accurate tastes of the herb. 

Additional filtration of the smoke

The additional filtration of the smoke provides people with a more healthier smoking experience, which is considered to be a benefit for people who smoke a lot. 

Safer compared to other smoking methods

When compared to other smoking methods, bongs are considered to be a healthier method since the water filtration reduces the toxins that might be stored inside the herbs.  

Numerous types of bongs

Finally, one of the main benefits that people use a bong to smoke is due to the fact that there are numerous types of bongs available in the market.

People have the opportunity to choose from many different types, designs, sizes, and other criteria and choose the bong that is most fitted for their preferences – making bongs a customer favorite.

What to consider before purchasing a bong and how to maintain it 

So, before investing in a bong, be sure to research and understand which types of bongs are the most suitable for your preferences.

In addition, be sure to set a budget for how much you are planning to invest in a bong since the prices of bongs vary a lot. Hence, do a cost-benefit analysis to come up with the right budget. 

On the other hand, be sure to consider legal precautions associated with the usage of bong since some countries consider certain types of herbs illegal.  


To conclude, the benefits associated with using bongs have increased the demand for smoking devices, and when compared to other smoking devices, smokers will get more advantages.