Will Health Insurance Pay For A Swimming Pool?

As a homeowner, you may wonder if having a swimming pool is worth the money. Many people don’t know that having a pool can save you money in the long run.

But how can that be possible? Many homeowners have discovered they can get a good deal on a swimming pool by taking advantage of insurance.

If you’re considering getting a pool, you may wonder if health insurance will cover it.

We all rely on health insurance to stay healthy and live our lives to the fullest.

However, with the constantly rising cost of living, it is not easy to afford even the most basic health insurance plans.

With that in mind, we decided to dig deep into the world of health insurance to find out if it should and can cover the expense of building and maintaining a swimming pool. 

Can I Deduct my Swimming Pool as a Medical Expense?

Are swimming pools important for health?

Are swimming pools important for health?

In the US, many people believe that swimming pools are a luxury and that you must be rich if you have a swimming pool. This is not true.

Owning a swimming pool is an investment that can be made to reap the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. A swimming pool can be used for a variety of purposes.

It can be used for relaxation and fun, but also for exercise to maintain a healthy body.

Some of the health benefits of swimming pools include weight and shape maintenance, reduction of stress, improvement of blood circulation, strengthening of the immune system, and increased mobility of muscles.

Swimming pools provide an excellent environment for exercise and can also be used to help improve the health of people with joint problems.

Why should health insurance pay for a swimming pool?

Why should health insurance pay for a swimming pool?

Health insurances need to cover the cost of something that can be beneficial to a person’s overall health.

Health insurance companies should consider it a measure to prevent various co-morbidities and illnesses that a person is most likely to suffer if he doesn’t adopt the active lifestyle that a pool provides.  

An improved physical condition and well-being should be one of the aims of any health insurance company, as it will not only benefit the client but also reduce the company’s cost by reducing the risk of many diseases and doctor visits. 

Will health insurance pay for a swimming pool?

When people decide to have a pool, they usually ask themselves, “How will health insurance pay for this?”

The answer is not specific as it depends on the insurance company you are associated with. However, some health insurance companies cover the expense and maintenance of a swimming pool if a registered health practitioner advises it.

In that case, a strong background and reason for the need for a swimming pool should be provided for the patient.

For example, if a person has arthritis and cannot walk around much, a swimming pool can help them stay healthy and move around quickly.

Health insurance may consider it appropriate to prevent joint diseases and injuries if a person does not adopt an active lifestyle. 

Adding a pool can also be considered tax-deductible as a medical expense, which means you can deduct the pool’s cost and the expenses incurred while maintaining it. This is good for both homeowners and health insurers.


With the average swimming pool cost ranging from $10,000 to $25,000, many people assume that health insurance won’t cover it. However, this is not entirely true.

Health insurance considers its clients’ needs and customizes its policies accordingly.

Since using pools can help patients with different medical conditions, health insurance providers should add them to the areas they cover.