6 Things To Consider Before Getting Hair Extensions

For a long time, hair extensions were thought to be exclusive to celebrities but that has gradually changed.

Today, women in all spheres of life use hair extensions to enhance their looks. In the same way, hair extensions have become versatile due to tech advancements.

Every woman desires beautiful hair, but few have the patience or the time to wait for natural hair to grow long.

Hair extension provide a great alternative, explaining why they have gained popularity in recent years.

Hair extensions allow you to integrate artificial hair into your hair to enhance its fullness and length. You can attach them by either clipping, sewing, or gluing them to your natural hair.

Extensions can either be human hair or synthetic.

If you have plans of getting hair extensions, here are five things you need to consider before buying them:

Type Of Hair Extensions

hair extensions of three colors on a dark background
hair extensions of three colors on a dark background

Before getting hair extensions, you need to know which one would be ideal for you. This means acquainting yourself with the various kinds of extensions available in the market.

Besides settling on synthetic or human hair extensions, determine whether you want temporary or semi-permanent hair additions that stay longer.

You may select from different hair extension types that include clip-ins, fusions, weave, and micro-link hair extensions.

Color And Quality

Before getting hair extensions, the first thing you need to consider is quality and color.

When buying hair extensions, you need to pay attention to color to ensure the extension matches your look and appears natural.

The best way to identify the right color is to match extensions with your hair ends.

Since most people have different hair shades, a hairstylist can help you pick extensions that blend well with the most prominent color shades in your hair.

Furthermore, you need to consider quality before getting hair extensions. High-quality extensions not only last longer, but they’re also easy to manage.

Low-quality extensions lack a natural shine and tangle easily, making them difficult to manage. Opt for high-quality extensions with a texture that’s similar to your natural hair.

Although such extensions cost more, they hold styles longer, which gives you value for your money.


Another thing you need to consider when picking hair extensions is your lifestyle. Hair extensions are great confidence boosters for anyone who uses them.

However, you can only get a confidence boost if you pick an extension that suits your lifestyle.

To find such extensions, take time to reflect on what you do regularly. That way, you’ll be better positioned to pick an extension that works for your day-to-day routine.

Hair Extension Length

Hair extensions are available in different lengths. You need to determine how much longer or shorter you want your hair to be when buying one.

When adding hair length, consider the length of your natural hair. If it reaches the shoulders or is much shorter, you may add hair extensions to elongate it.

As you do this, be cautious of how that change looks on you.

If your hair lacks layers, the line where your hair ends and the extension begins may show. But this can be disguised with proper styling.

Having this information before getting a hair extension lets you get one that has the right length and enhances your natural look.

Natural Hair Texture

Another thing you need to consider when getting hair extensions is the texture of your natural hair.

Besides determining whether your hair is coarse or fine, you also need to consider its density—is it full or thin?

Paying attention to natural hair texture enables stylists to determine the hair extension best suited for your hair since hair texture varies from one person to another.

Hair Extension Care

Before you get a hair extension, consider the maintenance and care required to make them last. Generally, hair extensions need to be washed regularly using a gentle shampoo free of sulfate.

It’s best to gather information about the products to be used on hair extensions.

Hair extension can damage natural hair if users don’t follow aftercare instructions or remove them unprofessionally.

Ideally, you should have a hair professional remove your extensions when they outgrow your hair, become loose, or when your hair starts to matt at the root.

Hair extensions need to feel and look natural at all times, and they should not cause any pain. Talk to your hairstylist about hair extension care and maintenance to ensure a healthy, natural feel.

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions are popular among women because they make maintaining a good, natural look effortless.

Getting hair extensions is a great way to extend hair length and increase hair volume for people who desire long hair.

To ensure hair extensions work well for you, you need to consider the above mentioned six things before getting them. Doing so ensures you get hair extensions that suit your needs and looks.