Best Foods to Heal Broken Bones

One of the perils of our fragile human form is the ease with which it can be damaged. Even as hard as bones are, they are hollow, and with enough applied force, can break very easily.

As we get older and bone density starts to diminish, this can occur with even less effort and more frequency.

If you have a bone disease, such as osteoporosis, your likelihood of a simple contact with a hard object fracturing a weak bone is exponentially more likely.

And osteoporosis is degenerative unless managed, so as the disease progresses, these breaks may intensify. It can be very disheartening. So, what can you do to fix those broken bones and get back to your life? What are the best foods to heal broken bones?

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Foods for Healing

We have all been told for the majority of our lives that calcium strengthens bones.

That is why, even though after a certain age, we cannot process it correctly, many of us still consume milk, cheese, and other dairy products. But just strengthening bones is one thing; repairing them after a break is an entirely different issue.

Calcium is great for keeping them tip-top, but even the strongest person can break a leg if the circumstances stack up the wrong way.

When you do have a break, knowing what foods will help speed the healing process can not only improve your situation but also give you a feeling of control over the repair process.

Think of it like an engine. Your car is running rough, and you find it is because of the cheap gas you have used for years.

Suddenly, you switch to premium and add some fuel booster, and now it is purring like a kitten and giving you more power than when it was new. Eating the right foods that heal breaks is not unlike this concept.

Bone Healing Foods

We have a list of the best foods to heal broken bones. Some you know, and some might surprise you, but if you want to get back to living your best life, you might want to pepper in these foods to heal broken bones faster into your diet.

1. Dairy

Still a good source of vitamin D and calcium. They not only strengthen but also help with bone growth.

2. Bell Peppers

Collagen is vital when bone repair is a goal, and the red bell peppers specifically are packed with vitamin C, which also translates in the body into collagen.

3. Black Beans

Magnesium is another excellent mineral that speeds up bone healing, and black beans are packed with it.

4. Kale

Kale is filled with vitamin K, which is excellent for blood clotting and makes it easier for calcium to bind to your damaged areas.

5. Grapes

Also filled with vitamin K, grapes are a wonderful treat when you are immobile and stuck watching TV all day with that broken leg. They will speed up the healing process similarly to kale when coupled with broccoli or dairy products.

6. Chicken or Turkey

Do you know what glutamine and arginine are? Well, your bones do, and for bone healing foods, these two amino are ready to dive in and aid in your recovery and healing process.

7. Tuna

Tuna is packed with plenty of good stuff, but it is the vitamin D we need. Coupled with calcium, vitamin D stabilizes calcium and helps in the restorative process.

8. Red Meat and Spinach

These are rich in iron and improve your healthy red blood cell count, which attributes to bone restructuring.

Supplements for Bone Healing After Surgery

Perhaps you haven’t begun the healing process because you had to go under the knife to reduce a fracture. There are a few supplements that work very well as part of your post-surgical healing regimen, such as:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Arnica
  • Bromelain
  • GCF
  • CoQ10

To name a few. After a bone repair surgery, your doctor will give you the appropriate list of supplements. Most of them you can get in herbal form at any pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about the signs a broken bone is healing. We tried to answer them in order to get you as much information on the topic as we can.

What Helps Broken Bones Heal Faster?

Eat a balanced meal plan, including the foods listed here, get plenty of rest, and if you smoke, it’s time to quit. And stick to the treatment plan given by your doctor.

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The biggest thing when healing a break is to be patient. You are going to be without full use of the broken limb for a minimum of 4 weeks. Depending on the extent of the break, possibly longer. So, relax, do what the doctor says to the letter, eat the right foods, stop smoking, and you will be just fine. 

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