Busting Common Myths: Debunking Fitness And Weight Loss Misconceptions 

If you’re someone who has been up and down in the weight loss journey, you may find that all the information out there can be a bit overwhelming.

There are a lot of fitness and weight loss myths floating around and if you feel like you have to follow them to achieve any kind of results, well, chances are that you may never start on your fitness journey.

However, a lot of things that you’ve heard before may not be true. Take a look at these common myths: 

Fitness Myth Busting: Debunking Common Exercise Misconceptions

You can never eat sugar 

You can never eat sugar

If you love sugar, you more than likely have heard that it’s not something that you can eat if you want to lose weight.

The reality is that while excess sugar isn’t good for you, some sugar in moderation is okay. This is especially true if you get your sugar from healthy snacks and fruit. 

Instead of choosing a sugary pastry from your favorite coffee shop, consider a healthy alternative of trail mix. Perhaps an apple or peach can satisfy your sugar cravings.

And guess what? It’s okay to have some sugar every now and then. Yes, even that pastry you’ve been craving. Just don’t overdo it on your way to healthier eating and weight loss. 

Cardio is the only way to burn calories 

A lot of people are told that if they want to burn calories and lose weight, the only way to do this is by doing a lot of cardio.

Someone may go running for an hour and swim for another hour and then play soccer for another. While yes, that’s exaggerating a cardio routine, you’d be surprised at how many people depend on excessive cardio when trying to lose weight. 

Save your energy and time by hitting your gym for a 40-minute weight-lifting routine. You’ll find that you can burn calories better this way. If you need to, hire a personal trainer to teach you how to lift weights for optimal results. 

You have to spend a lot of time at the gym

While you do want to spend some time at the gym, the reality is that overdoing your fitness routines can be unhealthy for you.

It can also cause you to hit a plateau sooner and that isn’t something that you want when trying to lose a good amount of weight. 

Instead, come up with a solid fitness routine that gets you results without exhausting you.

You only need an hour or so at the gym to truly see results so calm down and find something you enjoy doing before you overdo it for no good reason at the gym. 

All you need is willpower 

While willpower and motivation are important, the truth is that it’s not always as easy as that. In some cases, you may need an accountability partner to help you reach your goals.

Whether this looks like a spouse, friend, or personal trainer, you may need a little bit more support than just your daily morning affirmations. 

Starch is a big no-no 

Starch is a big no-no 

People say that you can’t eat starch if you want to lose weight. You don’t want to overdo it, but some carbohydrates aren’t bad for you.

There are healthy options as well, such as rice or sweet potato and you do need some carbohydrates for a healthy diet that provides you with energy and optimal results.

Make a meal plan that consists of the different foods and healthy snacks that will help you eat for success at the gym. Consider asking a nutritionist for help if you need a meal plan designed for your fitness goals. 

In Conclusion 

From no sugar to overdoing your cardio routines, there are so many myths about fitness that lead people to unhealthy standards in their fitness and diet routines.

Take it easy. Life is to be enjoyed and while you’ll want to adapt and change things for your specific goals, don’t forget to also enjoy and have fun along the way.