Geo Review: Italy And Nutra

Two thousand years ago, Italy was one of the most influential empires, which brought the Latin language, law and statehood to the world. Today, Italians dress elegantly, earn well, enjoy delicious food, and have a long life expectancy.

TerraLeads experts have compiled some facts about Italy, along with tips for attracting a local audience. Follow these tips to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Italy, complete with delicious wine and shopping at the country’s best fashion houses.

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An overview of this geo

An overview of this geo

Italy is a popular holiday destination and home to 36 of the top 1000 universities in the world. It is also a cradle of culture, where architecture and art originated. The country boasts 58 UNESCO sites, 45 of which are recognised as part of the world cultural heritage.

The country is divided into 20 regions, including five autonomous ones. As of 2023, the population is approximately 60 million, mostly indigenous. Over 93 % of the population speaks Italian. Regarding religion, 70 % of Italians are Christian.

Italians have diverse interests, including football, motor racing, cycling, skiing, surfing, and cyber sports. 

Additionally, fashion holds a prominent place in the Italians’ repertoire of interests. The locals place great emphasis on their appearance, striving to maintain their youth and health no matter the cost.

The economy

After the Second World War, Italy faced economic challenges but managed to overcome them and is now one of the leading economic powers in Europe. The country’s success is due to various industries, including metallurgy, engineering, tourism, chemicals, furniture, and textiles. 

The current unemployment rate is 7.8 %, and the average salary ranges from 2,000 to 3,500 euros.

Health of the populace

Medicine in Italy is well developed, but queues to consult a specialist can last for weeks, as they do in other European countries. Italians often turn to food supplements to maintain their health.

Italian cuisine is known worldwide for its wine, pasta, risotto, pizza, and coffee, but moderation is key. However, this does not apply to unhealthy habits.

A significant proportion of Italians have developed the bad habit of smoking, which can lead to health problems.

Despite an average life expectancy of 83 years, the population is decreasing rapidly due to low birth rates and conditions such as obesity and cardiovascular disorders. 

Additionally, many Italians struggle with obesity, which can be attributed to an unbalanced diet and sedentary lifestyle.

This can lead to more severe conditions such as coronary heart disease, heart attacks, lung cancer, diabetes and pneumonia. That is why Italians often order nutra products to help combat these problems.

Additionally, many men in Italy experience sexual health issues, with 10-15 % suffering from erectile dysfunction and approximately one in two men between the ages of 40 and 70 experiencing intimate problems. As a result, there is a growing demand for medications to address these concerns. 

Overall, all nutra vertical categories will be in demand and bring a decent conversion rate.

Internet data and most frequently accessed resources

Internet data and most frequently accessed resources

Italians are frequent internet users. Statistics show that 84,3 % of the population regularly use the World Wide Web and various social networks. The top 7 social networks, in order, are:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Pinterest;
  • Twitter;
  • TikTok;
  • Reddit.

The following are some of the most popular mobile operators:

  • TIM;
  • Vodafone

Among internet service providers, there is the highest demand for:

  • TIM;
  • Fastweb;
  • Tiscali;
  • Vodafone;

Italians tend to use WhatsApp, Facebook, or Skype for video calls, while Gmail, Virgilio, Outlook, TIM, and Yahoo! are the main email services. According to TerraLeads specialists, the most effective strategies for this region are SEO traffic and native advertising, as well as Facebook targeting and Google Ads. 

It is crucial to analyse the traffic sources beforehand and select the creative according to the platform’s target audience.

What else you should know

Italians respond well to promotional campaigns that feature famous personalities. To ensure success in this geo, TerraLeads has compiled a list of popular Italian figures whose names can be used in promotions:

  • Footballers Fabio Cannavaro, Alessandro Nesta, Andrea Pirlo, Francesco Totti and Paolo Maldini, as well as racing drivers Giancarlo Fisichella, Simone de Silvestro and Vicky Piria may all be used for sports advertising campaigns.
  • In Italy, some popular bloggers include Haby Lame, a sketch writer, Chiara Ferragni, a fashion blogger, Mariano Di Vaio, a lifestyle blogger, Beatriz Valli, a presenter, Chiara Biasi, and Benedetta Rossi, a food blogger. 
  • Before-and-after creatives could use the names of Italian celebrities who struggled with weight: Antonella Clerici, Diletta Leotta, Ludovica Pagani and Claudia Gerini.
  • Creatives with offers for potency can use Italian couples who have been together for a long time, and who legalised their relationship in 2022: Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri, Federica Panicucci and Marco Bacini, Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini, and Manuela Arcuri and Giovanni Di Gianfrancesco.
  • Some of the most popular supermarkets in Italy include: Conad, Selex, Coop, Végé and the Agorà group of shops. Among pharmacies, Efarma is popular, as well as Farmaè, Shop Apotheke Europe, Saninforma and Farmacia Igea.

When creating advertising campaigns, it is crucial to consider the unique characteristics of the region and tailor the campaigns to the needs of the target audience. Additionally, it is important to note that Italians do not work on public holidays or Sundays, and this should be taken into account when launching targeted campaigns.


This article contains all the necessary information about Italy to help you develop successful advertising campaigns and attract quality traffic. To use Italian culture and important national holidays effectively in promotion, it is important to analyse their peculiarities. 

Getting a good profit is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is visit TerraLeads, select a suitable offer, create an effective advertising campaign, and start driving traffic.