How To Remove Blue Toner From Hair?

Sometimes, you get bold enough to try dyeing your hair at home. Now it’s all your luck if it can work in your favor or not.

Dyeing your hair at home can not only save you a lot of money that you have to give to salons, but you can create your hair look too. If you are a creative being and want to do something fun with your hair, using a toner is a must.

But hair toner can go wrong in many ways. Especially the blue toner which is used to neutralize orange and brown hues in your hair for a hair dye.

If too much blue toner has been applied, it means your hair color has turned lighter in the area where the toner has been applied. But you can control the damage, by removing the toner quickly, and in a proper way. Let’s see how.


How to Wash Out Blue Toner From Hair?

How to Wash Out Blue Toner From Hair?

Usually, a toner fades after a few hair washes but if you feel like the blue toner you have used on your hair is too much, you can get it but do keep in mind that the results may not be too satisfactory.

If you want to do something immediately, we suggest that you try the following steps:

Use a Hair Clarifying Shampoo

Hair clarifying shampoos are not like your ordinary hair shampoos and differ in chemical composition which is especially put forward to cleanse the hair on a deeper level.

Hair clarifying shampoos remove any extra buildup or residue on your hair. That’s why using a good hair-clarifying shampoo should be your first choice if you want that blue hair toner removed from your hair.

But do keep in mind that this shampoo isn’t going to give you any immediate results. The toner will start getting duller as you use this shampoo frequently.

But is it recommended to not use a hair clarifying shampoo too much as it can make your hair dry? So, then comes our next option.

Use a Dandruff Shampoo

Use a Dandruff Shampoo

A dandruff shampoo is easily available in shops and can work effectively to remove the blue toner from your hair.

Just like a hair-clarifying shampoo, dandruff shampoo also consists of sulfate which is used to remove extra or impure residue from your hair.

The anti-dandruff shampoo also lessens the amount of oil in the hair so the toner will fade away. However, dandruff shampoo isn’t as hard as a clarifying shampoo so it is going to get more hair washes than that.

Add Baking Soda to Your Shampoo

Baking soda works wonders for different problems, as is the case to remove blue toner from your hair.  Add 1 tbsp of baking soda to the amount of shampoo you use regularly.

It doesn’t matter which type of shampoo you are using because this remedy is going to work with any type of shampoo.

Now shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly. The baking soda will make the toner lighter. You can use this remedy a few times on your hair and then use a conditioner.

Add Lemon Juice to Your Conditioner

Add Lemon Juice to Your Conditioner

You can also add some amount of lemon juice to your hair to remove the extra toner from your hair. This method is called Chelate which is used to remove excess products and buildup from your hair.

Lemon juice will help the toner to reduce its color but it will take a few days. You have to keep the conditioner in your hair for a few hours or overnight to make it work effectively.

Wash your hair after some hours have passed and you will see the results.

How To Get Blue Toner Out of Bleached Hair?

It is all fun and games until you get an excessive amount of blue toner in your already bleached hair. The extra amount of toner looks noticeable on bleached or blonde hair so it is important to get it out of the hair as soon as possible.

Your best option in this situation is to go to a hairdresser who knows what they are doing with your hair to keep them away from further damage. If this isn’t an option for you, use the hair-clarifying shampoo and hope for the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blue Toner Wash Out From Hair?

Any toner, or blue toner for this matter, needs at least four weeks to get completely washed out of hair. But frequent shampooing and conditioning make the toner fade quickly.

Will Blue Toner Wash Out of My Hair?

Yes, it will but it is going to take some time to completely get out of your hair. Patience is the key but if the blue toner is looking bad, go to a hairdresser or colorist who will be able to fix this issue.

Final Words:

We hope this article has solved the problem you were faced with removing the blue toner. Once you have applied a blue toner to your hair, unfortunately, there is no going back. Either you have to live a few days with it or change the hair look you were aiming for.