How To Fade Toner In Hair?

Toner is mostly used to give hair an enhanced and smooth look, but sometimes you do not like the outcome that follows after you use the toner.

Once you put toner in your hair, you cannot get it out of your hair that easily, and it may take some days for it to start fading.

But if you are impatient and need to fade the toner in your hair, some ways can help you. The toner won’t suddenly get out of your hair, but at least it will fade. Let’s see what your options are.


How to Fade Toner From Hair?

How to Fade Toner From Hair

Let’s assume you have blonde hair, and after using a hair toner, your hair color has turned into the one you do not want. Now you are searching for toner fading tips, and have stumbled on this article.

You have done the right thing because this article will help you in fading toner in your hair.

All you need to do is read this article to the end and follow all the instructions given to you. Let’s talk about the solutions to your problem. 

Baking Soda and Shampoo

It is as simple as that; use baking soda mixed in a shampoo. Baking soda tends to fade any chemical color from your hair, so you will see the toner fading away when you wash your hair with this mixture.

Use this method 3-4 times, and do not forget to use a conditioner afterward. You will surely see a difference in your toner.

Lemon Juice and Shampoo

Pour some drops of lemon juice into your shampoo and wash your hair with it.

Lemon will fade your hair toner through the process of chelating, where extra buildup and oil get removed from your hair. Wash your hair with this 3-4 times and see if your toner is fading.

Use Hair Clarifying or Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This is the best solution and can get you out of your misery. You just need to wash your hair with a hair-clarifying shampoo or an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Both of these shampoos work to remove any extra buildup or oil from here. Use this shampoo every day for one week, and you will see that your toner is fading. 

Dawn Dish Wash

Dish wash can also help the toner fade from your hair. You can use Dawn Dish Wash because it doesn’t have many harsh chemicals and works gently on your hair.

Wash your hair with the dish wash multiple times, and you will notice that your toner is fading slowly. Give it some time, but in the end, your hair will be toner free.

Toner Fading Tips

Toner Fading Tips

Even though you know how to make your hair toner fade, there are still some things you want to keep in mind. We are sharing some tips with you that will help you during your journey to remove hair toner.

  • Do not expect the toner to fade from your hair over time.
  • The techniques which we have told you about above will probably make your hair dry. Do not forget to use a good conditioner afterward.
  • Use bleach only if you think that the toner in your hair is too bad and is making your hair look abnormal.


Does Toner Fade After Washing Hair?

No, the toner doesn’t fade just after one wash. You need to give it some time to properly fade away. Typically, a toner will start fading after 5-6 hair washes but won’t strip off completely. It takes about a month for the toner to completely come off your hair.

How to Fade Toner That Is Too Dark?

If you find that your toner is darker than you expected, there are many ways to make it fade. You can use hydrogen peroxide or bleach to completely get rid of the toner on your hair or you can use some more laid-back methods like using a hair clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoo.

How to Fade Toner Fast?

The fastest way to fade the toner from your hair is by using hydrogen peroxide or bleach. You will get the toner out of you by using these two products.

What Happens When Hair Toner Fades?

When hair toner fades out of your hair, you get back your natural hair color. Although, it all looks messy because the toner leaves behind some of its damage, Now it’s all up to you what you want to do about your natural hair.

Final Words

Using toner in your hair is a good thing, as it makes your hair stunning and shiny. But you may also regret it after the damage is done.

Here are all the solutions listed above that will help you fade the toner from your hair. But do not be so impatient, as it will take some time for the toner to get out of your hair completely.