How To Remove Fake Eyelashes with Vaseline

Eyelash extensions are an ornament to the eyes. It accentuates the eyes and makes them look bigger and vibrant. A never-ending trend, eyelash extensions have found its separate niche in the makeup industry. They have been used since 1961 and found popularity in the later 20th century through Bollywood movies.

The fake eyelashes are attached to the natural eyelashes using lash adhesive or glue. Usually, they fall out in about 2-3 weeks depending upon the quality of the extensions.

Despite its easy applicability, eyelash extensions are hard and tedious to remove. If removing fake eyelashes is not done correctly it could have serious implications and cause pain in the eye. Thus, here is a small trick on how you remove your fake eyelashes hassle-free, with just one ingredient. 

And that ingredient is Vaseline.

FALSE LASHES: Do’s and Don’ts For Beginners By Laura Lee

Vaseline is popularly used to cure dry skin, but due to its versatility, It has a lot of other benefits too. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly, which is a by-product of oil refining.

This product is ideal for eyelash removal majorly because it has powerful components that easily dissolve the molecules of the semi-permanent lash glue and helps in the easy removal of the eyelashes.

Vaseline also helps in healing any scars that arrives while the removal of the extensions, moreover it also nourishes the natural eyelashes, thus making it best suited for this purpose.

Vaseline provides an easy and affordable way to remove eyelash extensions, so let’s dive into how you remove fake eyelashes with vaseline:

  • Remove your makeup, if applied any with a nice makeup remover, and cleanse your face with a face wash.
  • Prepare yourself for a facial steam. Take a bowl of hot water, put your face closer to it, but not so close, cover the face and the bowl with a towel, and take the steam for about 10-15 mins. This step will clean your face and deeply hydrate it.
  • Gently apply a small amount of vaseline on the glue of the extensions and dissolve it into the glow by rubbing it into a swiping motion.
  • Then gently remove the extensions, by pulling them out with care.
  • Wash your face again to remove the extra vaseline, and then wipe it off. 
  • Apply the toner and the moisturizer and go ahead with your skincare routine.

With vaseline, the whole process of removing the eyelash extensions becomes easy and scar-free. A process that requires effort and attention becomes a cakewalk by just adding vaseline as a lubricant.

Vaseline has numerous benefits apart from this, it also helps in the nourishment of eyes and also the eyelashes.

Apart from vaseline, this process could be done using coconut oil, or olive oil.

A must try process, vaseline works wonders as a fake eyelash remover.


Frequently Asked Questions

Removing eyelash glue with Vaseline is an easy and convenient task. All you have to do is clean your face nicely, and gently rub vaseline on your upper eyelash where the glue is present. Gentle rubbing of vaseline will help the glue to weaken up which in-turn helps in easy removal of the fake eyelashes. Also, you can use the process of facial steaming before rubbing the vaseline, it will help in a much easier removal.

There are several ways to remove fake eyelashes, such as vaseline, almond oil, coconut oil, eyelash glue removal, and many more. You just have to be aware of any previous allergies you possess from any of the above-mentioned ingredients. Else you are good to go. 

Definitely! In Fact, it is highly convenient and easy to remove fake eyelashes at home. Moreover, the fake eyelashes could be removed with ingredients that are present in every household such as vaseline, oils, etc.

Depending upon your skin type and needs, you can choose from a variety of eyelash removers. There are plenty in the market that are gel-based, oil-based, and water-based. You could choose according to your convenience. Moreover, there are plenty of natural eyelash removers such as almond oil, and vaseline. So you could choose from a variety of markets and natural fake eyelash removers.

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