How To Keep Your Eyelashes Curled

Eyelashes are the most important part of eye makeup and eyelash curling is the most tedious and challenging task specially with straight hairs.

Mascara and curled eyelashes make eyes more open and despite curling your eyelashes and coating them with mascara, there is no guarantee that your lashes will stay curled for all day long.

How to Apply False Eyelashes For Beginners by Tina Yong

Some of the traditional method to curl your eyelashes are: 

Heating Eyelash Curler

It is an old age technique but delivers guaranteed results. Heat it with a hairdryer or in a bowl of hot water for a few seconds and use your curler like a pro. The slight high temperature will curl your eyelashes more efficiently and stick them in place, ensuring it to stay long.

Warning: Before using the heated eyelash curler, check the temperature with your fingers. 

Using Vaseline

Before curling your eye lashes, apply a small amount of Vaseline Jelly to your eye lashes and then curl lashes. This trick will hydrate your eye lashes and make them stay in place longer.

Waterproof mascara and false eyelash are saviors

The waterproof mascara tends to be drier than the washable one, and this helps to hold the curl in place for a longer period of time. False eyelashes use adhesive to stick to the skin, leaving wearers feeling comfortable and secure. These eye lashes cannot be reused as the glue makes them look gritty and tends to bend them out of shape. False eyelashes are easily bendable and can be used by a wider range of makeup wearers as compared to other options such as magnetic lashes. There are wide variety of eyelashes available in the market such as: 

  • Strip Lashes
  • Individual Flare Lashes
  • Individual Single Lashes

False eyelashes are available in various types of materials such as natural lashes, synthetic lashes, mink lashes, silk lashes and others made up with the help of different technologies namely handmade, machine made and combination.

How to use your false eyelashes?

Wearing fake lashes might seem easy but they do require proper care along with right techniques of application. Applying right false lashes may have different application techniques with numerous kinds of lashes available to cater different desired looks. 

  • Step #1: Curl your natural lashes
  • Step #2: Cut the falsies to fit properly
  • Step #3: Add your adhesive in appropriate amount
  • Step #4: Stick them on your eyes
  • Step: #5: Give it a nice touch up

False eyelashes are gaining huge traction in the global market, owing to its availability, variety, and ease of use. As per the analysis by Astute Analytica, the global false eyelashes market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 7% during 2021-2027. 

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