Is Purple A New Symbol Of Power Dressing?

In fashion, power dressing has long been associated with strong, authoritative colors like black, navy blue, and gray. However, in recent times, there has been a noticeable shift towards incorporating more vibrant and unconventional hues into professional attire.

Among these emerging colors, purple seems to be making its mark as a potential new symbol of power dressing.

But what exactly makes purple so captivating and how is it redefining the notion of dressing for power and success?

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Historical Significance of Purple

Historical Significance of Purple

Throughout history, purple has been regarded as a color of prestige and power. In ancient times, the dye used to produce purple fabric was rare and costly, making it a symbol of wealth and high social status.

Purple was often reserved for royalty and the elite, earning it the reputation as the “color of kings.”

The association between purple and nobility persisted throughout various cultures and epochs, reinforcing the perception of purple as a powerful and influential color.

Modern Interpretations of Power-Dressing

Power-dressing in the modern era has evolved to reflect a more inclusive and diverse understanding of authority and influence.

The rigid norms of the past have given way to a more expressive and individualistic approach to dressing for success.

As a result, bold and vibrant colors like purple are finding their way into professional wardrobes, challenging traditional notions of what constitutes appropriate office attire.

The Psychology of Purple

Purple is often described as a color that exudes creativity, ambition, and originality. It is a unique blend of the calm stability of blue and the passionate energy of red, making it an intriguing and magnetic hue.

Psychologists suggest that wearing purple dresses can evoke a sense of self-assuredness and confidence, which aligns perfectly with the essence of power dressing.

Embracing Empowerment and Breaking Norms

In the corporate world, where conformity and conservatism have long been the norm, the introduction of purple color signifies a desire to break free from the traditional mold.

Embracing purple allows individuals to express their creativity and assert their unique personalities while still commanding respect and authority.

It serves as a reminder that one can be both professional and bold, competent and distinctive.

How to Incorporate Purple into Power-Dressing

How to Incorporate Purple into Power-Dressing

For those interested in exploring purple as a symbol of power dressing, there are several ways to incorporate this striking color into your professional wardrobe:

Purple Statement Pieces:

 Start by incorporating a purple statement piece into your outfit, such as a blazer, blouse, or dress. This focal point draws attention and adds a touch of sophistication to your overall look.


If wearing a complete purple ensemble feels too daring, opt for purple accessories like a tie, stylish sunglasses scarf, or handbag. These can add a pop of color and personality without overwhelming your outfit.

Color Pairings:

 Experiment with various color combinations to find what works best for you. Purple pairs well with neutrals like black, gray, and white, but it can also look stunning with complementary colors like green or yellow.

Office Culture: 

Consider your workplace culture and dress code when incorporating purple into your power dressing. In more conservative environments, subtle hints of purple might be more suitable, while bolder purple choices may be well-received in creative or progressive settings.


As workplaces continue to embrace diversity, individuality, and self-expression, purple emerges as a new symbol of power dressing.

Its historical significance, psychological impact, and association with creativity and confidence make it an ideal color choice for those seeking to redefine traditional notions of authority and success.

Whether you opt for a full purple ensemble or add pops of purple through accessories, embracing this bold and captivating color can serve as a reminder that empowerment comes in many shades.

As purple takes its place in the realm of power dressing, it invites professionals to break free from conformity and celebrate their unique strengths and abilities.