Reasons To Use Hand Cream

Although we know rather well that moisturizer is a popular topic, it’s not because it’s good for your skin.

Maybe we don’t emphasize well enough how important your skin is on all parts of your body, and more, in particular, your hands.

Modern men use their hands for almost everything, from washing dishes and changing diapers to playing the guitar or the newest console game.

It is of quite great importance to take care of your hands. And will direct you on how you can do that. The simple answer – hand cream

The best hand cream for men is one made specifically for men’s skin. This is vastly different from the creams for women.

Despite being to some degree thicker than women’s skin, men still have to deal with the same dermatological problems and pressures as everyone else.

Itchy, dry, and cracked skin can be very painful, so it is important to maintain a good level of your skin.

HANDCARE ROUTINE | How to have soft, healthy, young looking hands! by Tina Tanaka Harris

Dry hands: Causes

There are many reasons your hands need additional care.

Your paws are subject to constant and extreme weather conditions, frequent hand-washing, and even tend to suffer when you practice your favorite hobbies.

Protect them from any damage that they may come in contact with.

Let’s look at some key scenarios where hand cream may be helpful.

Decorating & Gardening

While you might be maintaining your garden or house, are your hands being neglected? You will need to scrub your hands if they are covered in paint or dirt, for example.

You should do the same for washing off after a session at the kitchen for dinner making.

Playing an instrument

You can feel dry and irritated from playing the piano, guitar, or drums. If you use your instrument for a long time, it is quite possible to cause minor scrapes, cuts, and blisters to your skin.

Although rockstar injuries may look cool, they are not that great at all.

The problem with the frequent washing

You probably hear a lot about bacteria transfer if you commute or work in an office. Although hygiene is essential for everybody, soap and water will dry your hands and cause chapping.

Cold Weather

Cold and windy weather can dry your hands out, just like the skin on your body and face. You can also notice the dryness there. This body part is not an exception.


Dehydration can cause your blood volume to drop, which can lead to dry skin. You can make a huge difference in the texture and feel of your skin by drinking more water throughout the day.

Your occupation

Although we’ve covered general workplace conditions, certain professions require you to wash your hands.

For example, doctors and nurses need to wash their hands for their safety as well as the safety of their patients. Alcohol cleansers can be very damaging to the skin.

Which is The Best Men’s Hand cream for Dry Skin

Dry hand creams should provide the highest level of hydration, nourishment, and protection. Some creams include aloe vera and camelina oil.

It is easy to absorb into the skin and leaves hands feeling soft, nourished, and smooth. It is specially formulated to provide 24h moisturization without feeling greasy or sticky.

There is no strict standard for how often hand cream should be used. Some say you should use it every time your hands are washed.

Others will use it only occasionally throughout the day. Use the hand cream whenever you feel dry or notice cracks in your skin.

As long as your hands are exposed to the same environmental conditions, they age just as fast as your face.

Your hands will appear older due to sun damage, weather damage, and general wear. These signs can be reduced by using hand cream regularly to improve elasticity and moisture.

In conclusion: Here are some steps to healthier hands.

You can improve the condition of your hands by taking a few simple steps in your everyday life.

If you plan to spend a lot of time out in cold and windy conditions (which is a permanent situation in some northern parts of the world), gloves are more than a must.

Your best defense against dryness is to keep your hands out of direct contact with the air and other factors.

Exfoliating your face is a common part of men’s grooming routines. But don’t forget to wash your hands. Although your skin is delicate, it can still be treated with a scrub to remove any dry skin.

We recommend using our moisturizing hand cream!

Many people experience dry hands, even though they don’t do anything to make things better. It is better to address the problem immediately than to wait for it to get worse or cause more stress

Speaking of which, stress is often blamed for leading to skin conditions such as acne. It’s best to get rid of it as soon as possible.